Under the 1837 Slave Compensation Act, the UK government borrowed £20m (over £2 billion in today's terms, £300b by some accounts) to pay off the families of slave-owners for releasing their slaves. This borrowing was only paid off in 2015 by British taxpayers.

The newly liberated people had received nothing.

University College London estimated that somewhere between 10-20% of Britain's wealthy can be identified as having had significant links to slavery.

NPO, Dutch national broadcaster: a case study of 3rd party ad trackers as a form of revenue, by Brave.


Bottom line: you don't need 3rd party tracking in your website to be lucrative! ✌️

Blackbaud Hack: Universities lose data to ransomware attack - BBC News 

While there's some talk of relaxing planning rules to enable the rapid deployment of seawalls, this is - as the local residents say - "too little, too late."

But when they say "too little, too late," they mean, "We should have built a seawall long ago."

When I say it, I mean, "You should have lived up to your Kyoto obligations, not denied climate change, and pulled out of the Five Eyes spying alliance, whose priorities include neutralizing climate activists."


The Ministry of National Education in describes global warming as bringing benefits to the planet!

In a decentralised world, an inside job could only impact a single server instance... and in an E2EE verified world, the insider wouldn't be able to spoof messages anyway. We should get on and add signing for public messages to Matrix's E2EE.

With the Atlas of Surveillance, EFF aggregates 5300 datapoints about US police forces' use of surveillance technology and maps them, providing an at-a-glance/searchable data on everything from Ring partnerships to shotspotters to fusion centers to drones.


Hundreds of community groups, university labs and other institutions contributed to the database:



A simple guide on how to protect yourself digitally during a protest, by Evan Greer.
For people that are not experienced activists or privacy/security experts or for folks that want a checklist.


Ubisoft announces departures of three execs following investigations into abuse allegations - VG247 

An interesting interview for AI in self-driving cars with Gill Pratt and Wolfram Burgard:


The European Central Bank has a big impact on how we will achieve a Green Recovery. So they decided to gift a few billions € to the big polluters!


The Privacy Analyzer from Privacy.net is a good, comprehensive way to check what kind of data your browser is leaking to the ad-tech industry:


It steps through five separate tests:

I. Basic info (IP address, OS, etc)

II. Autofill leaks (does your browser allow malicious scripts to capture sensitive info with "autofill" capture?)


The Chinese government just made its oppressive domination over Hong Kong indisputable.

A new law suggests that taking part in the protests could be interpreted as a crime with a maximum penalty of life in prison. Also, anyone suspected of breaking the law can be put under (more) surveillance.

And what if you want to flee the country, because you don't enjoy being a 1984 character? The "crime of secession" has a maximum penalty of—you guessed it—life in prison.

And may the odds be ever in your favour...

Summary of the security law:

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Genius. They wrote a script to make a PDF look like it's printed, signed, and then scanned again. Because digital signatures are still not accepted in many places while a signed and scanned printout is.

This is hacking bureaucracy. I love it!


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