The European Central Bank has a big impact on how we will achieve a Green Recovery. So they decided to gift a few billions € to the big polluters!

The Privacy Analyzer from is a good, comprehensive way to check what kind of data your browser is leaking to the ad-tech industry:

It steps through five separate tests:

I. Basic info (IP address, OS, etc)

II. Autofill leaks (does your browser allow malicious scripts to capture sensitive info with "autofill" capture?)


The Chinese government just made its oppressive domination over Hong Kong indisputable.

A new law suggests that taking part in the protests could be interpreted as a crime with a maximum penalty of life in prison. Also, anyone suspected of breaking the law can be put under (more) surveillance.

And what if you want to flee the country, because you don't enjoy being a 1984 character? The "crime of secession" has a maximum penalty of—you guessed it—life in prison.

And may the odds be ever in your favour...

Summary of the security law:


Genius. They wrote a script to make a PDF look like it's printed, signed, and then scanned again. Because digital signatures are still not accepted in many places while a signed and scanned printout is.

This is hacking bureaucracy. I love it!


According to an investigation by earthsight, is buying illegal wood supplies from Ukrainian mountains. The interesting part is that this wood is certified as sustainable by FSC and IKEA promotes it as eco-friendly.
Sadly, is not that trustworthy after all.


Hello, I wanted to let you know I will be writing a full Blog post, detailing my inquiring about an inter-instances issue, and the responses you offered.

I replied corteously, and do not understand the reasoning to find my personal account at Suspended (deleted is the proper word) this morning.

Too bad, but I now feel free to use the messages in my Journalism. I truly believe this was uncalled for and arbitrary.

A Blog page to follow with Full Disclosure of the whole issue.

Have a good day, sir/madam.

cc. : @anarchiv - which I admire as a writer and inspired some of my own posts.

#FediReporter Banned for asking Questions at a Supposedly Progressive instance.

#rgxJournal #mastoadmin #mastodon

The Nairobi National Park in is now threatened by several plans for development, including a luxury tourist resort in rhino breeding grounds and a plan to fully enclose the park.

These proposals contradict the 2030 National Strategy recently adopted by the government which aims to sustain natural habitats and reduce biodiversity loss.

Any insight in Google's new push-2FA?
Pros and cons of replacing SMS with push messages? 🤔

"The internet: A global, borderless world of its own where you have to keep explaining to people that you're not an American."

OP by Polychrome :

"You can’t have without sacrifice zones, and you can’t have sacrifice zones without disposable people, and you can't have disposable people without ," writes Hop Hopkins.


The metastasis of DRM into every product category shows that when business apologists talk about the sanctity of property, they mean the sanctity of CORPORATE property.

If the manufacturer gets to override your decisions about the things you buy - and felonize any attempt to wrest control back - they property ceases to exist. We become tenants of our devices, not owners.


It is quite suspicious how the laws passed the Parliament during lockdown, in a rush really, hidden among more than 100 articles that cover many different environmental issues.
But most importantly, there is no standard regulation on how to vote during a pandemic, not all members of Parliament voted.

Outside the Ministry: the banner reads "Mr Hatzidakis, natural wealth or oil?"

Kostis Hatzidakis is the current Minister for the Environment and Energy.

You may not hear about it, but is in a pivotal period regarding sea health, and .
During the lockdown, a set of anti-environmental laws passed, allowing fossil-fuel companies to start harmful research activities throughout the country, both on land and seas. Yes, there is probably natural gas in Greece, so why not drill everywhere?

The laws were promoted as a "modernization of environmental regulations" and cover many different subjects, here's the juice:
1. You can start searching for fossil fuels by announcing it to two state bodies, no permission needed,
2. Natura 2000 regions are practically no longer protected from drilling and other activities,
3. Local authorities no longer have a voice on how their lands will be utilized,
4. If you want to invest in wind parks, you are encouraged to build anything larger than 150MW (the law is not very clear about this one).

and are working together to stop this. Today 4 Greenpeace activists were arrested for protesting peacefully outside the Ministry of the Environment and Energy.

You could think that after was criticized for the lack of and finally acquired KeyBase, it would include some form of encrypted calls...

Well, free users are not getting any.
As the CEO puts it, they "want to work together with FBI, with local law enforcement in case some people use Zoom for a bad purpose".

But, of course, the most popular software is usually far from the best available option.

#DefundPolice is gaining steam across America. If you want to sign onto a letter in your city, check this master list:


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