@pluralistic had to link to enshittification for my blog post on the state of IT work, looking back over my 30 years doing it, would love it if you gave it a read. medium.com/@bobthomson70/the-r

is making weapons AGAIN. This time some cloud solution for called “project Nimbus”.

Of the 50 nations viewed by the USA government as the most oppressive on Earth, the USA trains the militaries of 88% of them, arms 82% of them, and funds the militaries of 64% of them.


We have found an actively exploited #zero #click vulnerability that was used to deliver #NSO group’s #Pegasus #spyware citizenlab.ca/2023/09/blastpas

Just published my second game on itch🎮 , this time a collaboration with my good friend, Filippos Pappas. Just as I thought is a weird little puzzle game about loss, featuring an original soundtrack by Nick Vlachostergios of Medusa Media Studios.

You can download it for free!

NEW: In a leaked EU document detailing 20 countries' opinions on a proposal to scan people's private messages for illegal material, which WIRED obtained, officials from Spain said they would like to ban end-to-end encryption in the EU. "It is imperative that we have access to the data," they wrote. Full story here: wired.com/story/europe-break-e

@breadandcircuses @davewalker

One innovative way to reduce emissions from the production of the whole electric car could be converting your old car into an electric one, rather than buying a new one.
Unfortunately, legislation is rarely friendly to this idea.

For those curious it seems one person claimed this was due to a conversationn i had where asked about if we would block child porn... I said it isnt something we ever faced and didnt have set rules on it, but i am pretty certain we would block it.

Anyway shortly after that I had the conversation witht he mods and as expectted agreed we would block it, our TOS was updated accordingly with the following:

"Offending servers will only be silenced, not blocked, blocks will be reserved for technical assaults only such as DDoS attacks, or legal issues such as sexual abuse and child porn."

But of course whoever handles tthat directory did absolutely **no** due diligence and didnt even once reach out to us to fact check.
QT: qoto.org/@freemo/1093715307248

🎓 Doc Freemo :jpf: 🇳🇱  
So it seems joinmastodon removed QOTO from their directory without cause, without contacting us, and without any discussion or due diligence. Since...

A small collection of surreal digital art I made with +
I call them, “the 5 faces of vainness” (5th image in replies, I cannot upload 5 files in one toot).

@trinsec Oh... then, I have unwillingly cursed you! I take it back. 😶

Welcome, @trinsec !
May your keystrokes be true and your screens shiny!

The 2021 Global Estimates indicate there are 50 million people in situations of modern slavery on any given day, either forced to work against their will or in a marriage that they were forced into.

That does not include soldiers that are in the army against their will, so the real number is even higher.

Source: ilo.org/wcmsp5/groups/public/@

Russia is sick: Russia burning off $10m worth of gas every day - BBC News

Aerial images have shown a Russian energy facility near its border with Finland burning off supplies of natural gas worth approximately $10m US dollars.

It's said the plant has been burning off gas, which would have previously been exported to Germany, for months.

The burning has also triggered a warning from climate change experts with its close proximity to the Arctic Circle.

#Russia #sick #shitcountry


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