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Note, though, that Fourier proposed the existence of the greenhouse effect (that’s its modern name) in 1824.

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that Eunice Newton Foote presented a theory on CO2 increasing the atmosphere’s temperature in 1856!

She speculated that an increased amount of CO2 in some point in history would cause higher temperatures, long before the greenhouse effect was studied.

Of course, she didn’t receive appropriate praise for her research, because she was… a woman. 😶

[repost but now public]

So after some hard thinking we've come up with an End2End encrypted #RocketChat server with #CloudFlare setup for refugees from #Ukraine

The goal is to keep a strickt moderation so Putin's people won't be able to join or get suspended right away. Also we want to blockout #Russia completely.

There are main channels for
help-needed, help-offered, missing-people, news etc. People can use the official RocketChat app for Android, iOS and Desktop.

This way we want to offer the people of Ukraine a safe wayt to communicate besides WhatsApp, Signal, FB messenger.

Users are able to create private channels with multiple people and send direct messages to other users, all end to end encrypted. 🚀 🗨️

We need people who speak Ukrainian, moderators, news checkers etc

We contacted Julian Assange in prison. He says that everyone in #Ukraine should install @BriarApp NOW before the internet goes down. @BriarApp is designed to let people safely communicate with each other in exactly this situation

“For years I have been reluctant to compare any dictator to Hitler, or any war to the second world war. The comparison, to me, seemed exaggerated, even vulgar.

But what other analogy is there. With no reason, in an act of pure madness, an old-fashioned air assault has been inflicted on a neighbouring country.

I said that to my Russian colleague, and tried very hard not to show how my voice was trembling. She asked for forgiveness again.

There is a famous phrase “4am Kyiv is bombed”. Every Ukrainian and Russian kid knows it. That’s how the announcement of the German bombardment of Kyiv in 1941 sounded.

And here we are: 24 February 5am Kyiv is bombed by Russia.”

by Ukrainian journalist Nataliya Gumenyuk

"A massive leak from one of the world’s biggest private banks, Credit Suisse, has exposed the hidden wealth of clients involved in torture, drug trafficking, money laundering, corruption and other serious crimes"

Reuters has just published a first-of-its-kind analysis of a dataset of observed methane emissions from different oil and gas companies' facilities and wells, imaged by high-resolution satellite cameras.

The worst liars are Shell, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, Marathon Oil and Exxon Mobil. Contacted by Reuters, spokescriminals representing each of these companies defender corporate genocide with a string of lies, each more risible and ghastly than the last.


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A rogue killer drone 'hunted down' a human target without being instructed to, UN report says | Business Insider

I really don’t like the word or even concept ‘illegal immigrant’..

Like some hoomans should have the ‘rights’ to be somewhere on OUR planet while others don’t?

I really think humanity needs to grow up. Building stupid ‘border walls’ what’s the hell is wrong with us..

We're looking for a Senior Security Engineer to join the SecureDrop team at Freedom of the Press Foundation!

The team is fully distributed, and this position is open to applicants from around the world.

Read more about the position here:

Boosts very much appreciated! ❤️

12 Months a Slave

Mandatory military service is nothing less than abuse. Psychological and physical.

In Greece, one of the countries that still hold mandatory conscription for all male citizens, the “service” is now being extended from 9 to 12 months. Despite things getting better since a few decades ago, when folks would serve for two years and nobody would care for any health issues, the system is still rotten. From young adults that just finished school to scientists that work in research, everybody has to pause their lives at some point, in order to be being yelled at by condescending buffoons in the name of freedom. For 12 months. How are you protecting your country’s freedom, by deserting your own? Are not countries made of people? Is a country free when its people are not?

A soldier is never free, that I can guarantee. Not even in times of peace. A soldier must not decide for himself when to talk, where to place his hands, how to sit down, whether to turn his head, when to drink water. Yet, his “superiors” will often refer pompously to him as a man, or a person that will become a man through military training. A man that needs permission to go to the toilet. The irony.

At least, soldiers are getting paid. In Greece, their monthly salary is ~8.60€. That is around 30 cents per day and they must be available 24/7. Not to mention the religious and nationalistic propaganda that comes with the army.

Obviously the military needs huge reforms, since we are cursed to maintain it. To my mind, the abolition of enforced conscription is the first logical step in a civilized society. The level of vain abuse one must endure in the army would not be accepted anywhere in the real world. Still, the public seems to tolerate it, even without real ways for the soldiers to defend themselves.

[Original image by Everlind, CC BY 3.0, edited by me, it reads “This is not tradition, it’s abuse”]

Key findings from Access Now's 2020 report on internet shutdowns:
- There were 28 complete internet shutdowns last year;
- For the third year in a row, India shut down the internet more than any other nation--at least 109 times;

It’s the 3rd day without tap water and with constant blackouts. The snow is melting now, but they have no idea when the network will be restored. Probably not today, either.

This is neither fun, nor how I imagined Europe of the 2020s…

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