I know there's only, like four Winnipeggers who follow me here, but holy shit is this huge and awesome and long overdue. I am so excited about this!


Good morning ☀️ mastodonians! Here’s a pic of my buddies from yesterday morning on the mountain top 😍 i hope you all have a great one! 🙌


"This month, an elementary school in St. Petersburg, Fla., stopped showing a 1998 Disney movie about Ruby Bridges...

In this case, a single objecting parent is apparently enough to have a lesson about our very recent history questioned or even banned.

Remember: Bridges isn’t some ancient figure in a dusty textbook, she’s alive and well today. She’s 12 years younger than my own mother."

#Florida #Racism #Ruby #RubyBridges #Disney #Movies

From the AMA's What Doctors Wish Patients Knew About #COVID19 Reinfection:

"Each subsequent COVID infection will increase your risk of developing chronic health issues like diabetes, kidney disease, organ failure and even mental health problems.” Evidence “dispels the myth that repeated brushes with the virus are mild and you don’t have to worry about it.... it is akin to playing Russian roulette.”


The UN General Assembly took a major step towards urgent global climate action Wednesday as members adopted a resolution calling for the world body's top court to outline nations' legal obligations related to curbing warming.

Cheers rang out as the measure -- hailed as a victory for the climate justice movement which hopes it will increase pressure on polluting countries failing to address the global warming emergency -- was greenlighted by consensus.

Pushed for years by Vanuatu, a small archipelago whose future is threatened by rising sea levels, and by Pacific islander youth, the resolution asks the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to lay out nations' obligations for protecting Earth's climate, and the legal consequences they face if they don't.

"Together, you are making history," United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, emphasizing that even if non-binding, an ICJ opinion "would assist the General Assembly, the UN and member states to take the bolder and stronger climate action that our world so desperately needs." news.com.au/breaking-news/un-a

Potentially millions of petrol and diesel cars may about to become unsellable in China as the country implements new vehicle emissions standards, and as EV demand booms. thedriven.io/2023/03/30/legacy

Skyrocketing grocery bills. It’s not COVID. It’s not silly chains. It’s billionaires getting richer. This is fact. Data doesn’t lie, and their profits are setting records.


#Billionaires #Economics #Groceries #Poverty #ClassWar #FoodChain #Food

@bookstodon Today, my librarian told me about a good place to buy books online: Better World Books. Many of the books are library discards in very good condition. The shipping is free, and the proceeds go toward libraries, literacy programs (worldwide) and education. #books #bookstodon #library


Subway line cost has increased from $10.9B to $19B, but Ford finance minister blames inflation — 70% inflation over four years?

More likely, Ford was more interested in politics than value and rushed the work on scope and contracts globalnews.ca/news/9563105/ont

@StillIRise1963 @shawrd773 @Bette I’d love to see a school district bring in an expert who says, “I can tell you some bs about throwing staplers at a mass-murderer armed with an assault rifle and 100s of rounds of ammo, but here’s what will really work: Organize. A. Strike. District-wide, statewide, heck, nationwide. Paralyze the country until the govt passes serious gun-safety laws. Here’s how to do it…

NEW: Premier Doug Ford wades into the #Toronto mayoral by-election saying if any candidates say they want to cut police funding or “defund the police … don’t vote for them”

#VoteTO #Toronto #DOFO #topoli

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Congratulations to 🎉

🔹Ximena Rueda Fajardo of @AdmonUniandes ,
🔹Matt Jones (@mij_matt) of @unepwcmc &
🔹Stephen Polasky of @ApEcMN

on being selected as co-chairs for the new @ipbes #BizBiodiversity Assessment! 📗

Read more: ⬇️

Interested in research news, exciting positions & more insights into biodiversity related aspects of the institute I'm working in/for/with since > 10yrs

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9000 followers on Twitter, 2000 new followers since January last year. Thanks to all for liking, sharing and commenting on our posts. Stay tuned!

N95s are not strainers, catching particles that won’t fit through their mesh size. They trap tiny particles like a spider’s web! youtu.be/eAdanPfQdCA

It's so strange, reading NYT smugness pieces bewailing how Trump supporters have decided they can ignore fact, now.

At a time when the NYT just helped lead the COVID minimization push and declare the pandemic over despite the science.

Certainly, the Trump crowd is more anti-fact by orders of magnitude.

But, the irony remains.

#Sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDs) are 🔑 in building climate resilience.

Our #LIFEproject LIFE CERSUDS leads with an innovative SuDS demonstrator using low-value ceramic tiles & a low environmental impact.

Read more 👉 bit.ly/CerSuds


🐦🔗: n.respublicae.eu/LIFEprogramme

When gets busy and stressful, it’s MORE important to prioritize . My commitment waned a bit with some deadlines last week and I missed 4 consecutive practices 😅. But back at it and signed up to try to log and keep building habits. I struggle to find motivation for home workouts and miss the but no way would I in a building full of unmasked heavy breathers! 😷 How do you find for healthy habits?

@Strandjunker This is what people don't get, Hitler never had the majority, just a lot of people saying it will never happen, while they let things slip one at a time, until it was too late. The only thing that stops fascism is actually stopping fascism.

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