No, no, no. In my youth I was a NY Times copy editor. I would not have permitted this—no one would. We’re not inside the heads of Trump’s lawyers. They SAY they believe the judge is biased, but that doesn’t mean they really do.

People with a special interest in climate change and climate crisis may appreciate our efficient regular compendium "SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming News Roundup."

Our 49th edition for 2023 provides ledes and links for 28 items. This week's coverage is of course heavily dominated by COP28. But our main highlight is about an intriguing tool from #CarbonBrief helping to understand pathways to meeting the Paris Agreement goal.


The #library card is *the* emblem of a child’s standing in civic life: their direct access to a public service, not mediated or controlled by others. The library card grants rights to the politically voiceless and powerless.

It’s more radical than the idea of #democracy itself.

So what we have is a new disease that has climbed into the top three causes of death from acute infections, and which exacerbates or increases the risk of nearly every one of the other main causes of death. And we are doing nothing about it.

#news #newstodon

Burning fossil fuels costs more than you pay at the pump or to the utility company. This week, reports that over one MILLION gallons of oil just leaked into waters near Louisiana:

We owe it to ourselves to make sure companies like Enbridge and Third Coast die.
We need to scrap dumb things like cryptocurrency b/c (believe it or not) #waterIsLife


Make sure Buttigieg and the rest of Washington know this is unacceptable. If you’re in #MI on Wed…

Hey #Canada let’s reduce funding to #Hate groups. Yesterday I meet with my MLA and asked her to remove the statutory property tax exemptions from organizations that promote hate and don’t respect the #Canadian Charter of #Rights and #Freedom. I’ve asked that any organization that gets the exemption file an annual compliance with the Charter and with provincial legislation, otherwise they loose the exception and have to pay property taxes. Please boost let’s get this going across Canada.

US military is a bigger polluter than as many as 140 countries – shrinking this war machine is a must

> If the US military were a country, its carbon emissions would rank between that of Peru and Portugal.


Based on the principles of “neighbourliness, care and mutual respect”, the treaty is a result of a request by Tuvalu for Australia to support and assist its efforts on climate change, security and human mobility.

Australia's offer of climate migration to Tuvalu residents is groundbreaking – and could be a lifeline across the Pacific
#climatechange #australia #Pacific #climatemigration #tuvalu

Under appreciated challenge in the EV transition: How car dealers could derail America’s EV boom
Some customers say auto dealers have steered them away from buying electric cars and trucks

“We keep overlooking this fact: The skyrocketing price of heating oil and gas being paid by Canadians isn’t caused by the carbon price where all the money is given back."
– Catherine McKenna, former Canadian environment minister

Remembering Leonard Cohen, who left us 7 years ago today, with his poignant reflection on preparing for death

The Alberta government under the NDP made deals with energy companies which has MADE Alberta 186 million dollars from GREEN energy since 2015.

So OF COURSE the United Conservative Party government cancelled those deals. Because it's never been about what is good for Alberta but about their ideology.

To add insult to injury, we don't know what the UCP did with that money either.


Maybe an entry level course for administrators?

How to not maim your students and staff: things that seem impossible but aren’t

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