Today: Environment Minister Guilbeault asks for a study, but not a full assessment, of Greenbelt development on Rouge Urban National Park in Ontario. Also today: spurred by Alberta, the Supreme Court begins to scrutinize federal environmental powers.

What’s your 1st thought on seeing these? Blue plastic toys made in China? Someone dipped them in food colouring? A local artist painted them onto porcelain? The Lost Smurf Kingdom has been found? Meet the native werewere-kōkako, or blue pinkgill (Entoloma hochstetteri), as seen on Lake Brunner Scenic Trail—& on NZ’s $50 note. ☠️🤢🤮 Nobody knows if it’s poisonous! #WestCoast

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Seems like a good place for a periodic reminder that there's ~$200 BILLION in federal government money sitting out there, for nearly two full school years now, designated for air quality in schools and as of the last accounting that I saw only ~15% of it has been actually used.

This was the first winter when there was no skating on Ottawa’s Rideau Canal.

Turns out that the city’s entire winter festival was sponsored by one of Ontario’s biggest fossil fuel corporations.

If you’re feeling and anxious today because the defining of our generation is looking dire and seem unwilling to take the drastic measures we need, it is ok to stay off social media today. Maybe put a note in you calendar to call your elected representatives later this week and tell them it’s time to take the seriously. No more for the industries driving emissions up.

Transformation is hard. But there's still time to increase the chances that the outcome will be better.

"It’s easy to feel pessimistic when scientists around the world are warning that climate change has advanced so far, it’s now inevitable that societies will either transform themselves or be transformed. But as two of the authors of a recent #IPCC #climate report, we also see reason for optimism." #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

At a recent exposition I attended, a leading human rights expert stated that if the effects of the policy she inspired slows down our ability to fight the #climatecrisis, then it is "probably worth it."

This was a foolish statement, but unfortunately far from unique. There is a growing faction in NGOs, academia, and government who treat the climate crisis as just another priority among many, and not the defining crisis of our time. /1

Great point for #IPCC leadership from a German reporter: In this report, "basically governments are talking to themselves here as a dire warning."
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Live Stream of the IPCC Synthesis Report Release (with some @revkin Commentary)

Despite all we've lost,
there is still so much to save.
There is a future worth fighting for.
Become a climate activist.

- Edgar Mc Gregor

Tomorrow, the IPCC will release the Synthesis of the 6th Assessment, summarising all six of the previous component Reports.

There will be no surprises.

Human activities, mainly burning fossil fuels, have already warmed the climate by more than 1°C, causing severe impacts.

As we saw again this past week, we have socialism for the wealthy and connected, rugged individualism for everyone else.

Is it any wonder that so many see the system as rigged against them?

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"Ireland has used Proportional Representation for over 100 years – and it works.

All major political parties campaign in every corner of the country, because every riding matters and every vote counts."


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#RandomRoad Moments: Congaree National Park, SC, Nov 2021. A rare floodplain forest, a lot of it old growth. A boardwalk loop takes you right in. Conveniently, I showed up when the mosquitoes were out of season. This is a tiny national park that flies under most people's radar. Rather than spectacular, I tend to rate my parks by mood and atmosphere. On that criteria, this one is right up there. Walk slow, breathe. Ahh! #thicktrunktuesday #nature #photography #zen #tree #hike

One of my favorite birds whenever I visit Shelley Lake Park located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

It took me quite a while to learn their pattern and also for them to stay still long enough for a picture! I was very thankful for this one to stay still!

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