He posts this, but still no mention of our situation or any attempt to have a conversation on it... shameful.. seems he looks after his own ass, his own server, but really dont give a rats ass about when it hurts other instances.
QT: mastodon.social/@Gargron/10938

Eugen Rochko  
There were two notable moderation incidents on mastodon.social and mastodon.online in the past 24 hours that I would like to address. In the first,...

@freemo BTW is your server still being “delisted”? I can see it here:

@gwr Yes its still delisted.. the official directory is joinmastodon.org

@freemo Will it matter if you don’t want lots of new users migrating? In other words: what are the wider repercussions?

@gwr Shouldnt matter too much for us if we dont want any new users coming in... Problem is you tend to slowly loose users over time and without an influx of new users that means eventually a server will die.


@freemo I understand exponential decay for user base () but isn’t complying to Mastodon Server Covenant all it takes? Where do “we” deviate?

@gwr That should be all it takes, but it isnt, and we dont... He took us off for some made up reason that isnt in the covenant and the reason makes no sense because it was known when we were added to the list in the first place.

Long story short, he removed us because a nazi started a hate campaign against us by creating fake accounts and spreading lies and that nazi won because eugene caved to that for no reason other than popular demand.

@freemo TL;DR What can we do to help getting this instance listed again?

@gwr e-mail hello@joinmastodon.org and/or tag @Gargron and talk to him. He is the only person who has a say.

For the record here are the screenshots of the nazi who started this hate campaign that ultimately snowballed into this int he first place:

@freemo @Gargron

Thanks! Let me rephrase this: @Gargron is kind of a “central authority” (careful choice of wording here…) in a federated network? 😳


He is the CEO and founder of Mastodon, he also controls the joinmastodon.org directory at his whims.


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