Aaaah fuck, my raspberry pi seems to have crashed while receiving a file transfer and now the whole directory the file was going into has just vanished from the HDD. what the actual fuck, give me my movies back

@spinflip Has happened to me many times. You can try all the Linux disk recovery utilities, but they would have been automatically used without you knowing it.

@hasmis any idea what causes it? Most of the directory structure is still there, the files are just Gone

@hasmis also, in what sane world can a crash while SFTPing a single file to a large directory kill everything else in the same directory

@spinflip No idea, but it should be a journaled file system. That means every attempt has been made to recover it. Probably a hardware fault, in which case you are screwez vou'd. But, nice people will tell you to try fdisk, and fschk. Reformat and download again.


@spinflip Hold everything. I just remembered that you cannot run an active Linux file system on the raspi 'bestbuy' micro sd. Those things scratch up like a vinyl record. Only so many read/writes. I program raspis all the time, and I stream data out. I have all my media files on magnetic disks.

@spinflip Wow, I find these are impossible to muck up -- kernel panics, power failures, etc. Buy a lottery ticket.

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