Not a good month This just came out as the ‘official’ NOAA US temperature chart. This is not cherry-picked. In their PR statement, they will make no mention of the ranking, because it is so low. In few days, we’ll have the worlds, but in the same format of individual month, which is not what people are publishing. I convert that one to ‘all months’, the same as the Copernicus chart. I am guessing that all plots will be low, as well, but the ‘single month’ charts are extremely flaky, and it could be high like last month, Then you will a lot of PR touting.

@hasmis you sound like a raving maniac, you can see fairly clearly the upward trend jesus christ give it a rest, we get it, you are clueless.

@freemo NOAA won’t mention that. This is an official chart. No colour commentary.

@freemo This is the official PR report. I am surprised they mention ‘middle third’ which they haven’t done before. They don’t go with the trend, but you can, if you want to. They tend to just mention the newest results.

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