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Hey folks! My introduction is that I moved to from about 3 years ago. I'm big into and definitely meeting new friends from all walks of life. is my jam. A sip of good and a smooth is always fashionable.

Good morning, friends. Coffee, oatmeal and knocking out a winter ascent in Colorado today. ✌🏻

A TikTok ban in the USA is looking more likely.

Especially in light of the spy balloons.

Politicians have been talking up a ban for years but the spy balloons give them more ammo.

I've been so excited about the explosion of new Mastodon apps that I decided to write about it in my column, with a focus on @ivory and @icecubesapp. A thousand flowers blooming!


I'm familiar with your region. It's currently nighttime in this first-world dystopian country. But hey, there's always something to be grateful for when you're alive. Even if you'd rather paint roses red, you can't change the fact it's still a rose. Can't change the past, only the future. For all that you're powerless to change, you're free to change your perception of it.

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