John Cocke and Mike Disney made the first observation of an optical pulsar, in the Crab Nebula, #OTD in 1969.

Barely a year after Jocelyn Bell Burnell's discovery of pulsars, it was strong evidence that a neutron star is the remnant of supernova.

Remarkably, Cocke and Disney had a tape recorder running to help them track their data, so there is *audio* of them making the first observation of an optical pulsar.

This is what a moment of discovery sounds like. Turn your sound on for this!


I'm excited to announce that our paper "Flow Lenia : mass conservation for the study of virtual creatures in continuous cellular automata" is now on arxiv :
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Getting into the Christmas spirit by researching jingle jangle fallacies

I have just finished rolling out the Python version of the R package 'statcheck", created by prof. Michèle Nuijten.

Statcheck can be used to extract and analyze statistical results from scientific articles.

Currently working on adding the option to extract tables.

If anyone would like to check it out, here is the repo:

Another option would be limiting the toots from specific Mastodon instances.

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Would it be possible to modify the toot feed based on user recomendations? For example add an option to see "these kinds of toots less". I know that Meta does these kinds of things in a centralized manner - limiting controversial posts (info from Lex Fridman's podcast with Zucc).
Of course to do that on the level of "type of content" would require a personalized recommendation model, but perhaps an option to just limit the ammount of toots from a specific profile would be possible?

That article described what I was thinking so well!

Alex Holcombe  
"To maximize benefit, quality control should be aimed at data and processes before moving on to words and theory." #PeerReview "In the long run, t...

Hey guys. New here, I do work on the verge of social science and machine learning. Me and my team were thinking about scraping some Mastodon servers to analyze the progession from Twitter.
Can you recommend any nice python based Mastodon scrapers? I have seen the "official" api for managing the profiles, but didn't see anything to directly scrape the Toots.

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