Mastodon explained in simple terms, a thread:

I've decided to make a simple explanation of how Mastodon servers work. It's a lot easier to understand than people think, so this is a good starting point for all new Mastodon users.

The first thing you need to understand is Mastodon is federated, like Russia...


re: Transphobia, Homophobia, Middle East 

#MastoAdmin #FediBlock

Please consider calling for Arabic moderators.

A lot of Arabic queers (and other marginalised groups) are using this platform as a safe space from the aggression we go through on daily basis.

And Arab homophobic users are bringing their hostility to the platform and we shouldn't allow it.

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That article described what I was thinking so well!

Alex Holcombe  
"To maximize benefit, quality control should be aimed at data and processes before moving on to words and theory." #PeerReview "In the long run, t...

I hate to tell a lot of these quick trigger finger Fediblock people this, but it's true:

Fediblock should only be used as the nuclear option.

If you use it for things like, "Someone might do a bad thing," then you are diminishing its power.

Has anyone ever investigated whether people (researchers or lay people) are more convinced from pregistered / many labs / many analyst projects compared to "normal" projects?

Some belated #introduction:

I'm a philosopher of science, in particular cognitive (neuro)science, computation and information. Here's my book:

My second field is #nlp: see LanguageTool (, a style and grammar checker for many natural languages (I have developed the rule set for Polish).

Associate Prof at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences. I chair the Section for Logic and Cognitive Science.

Question: is labeling a picture in your message as "sensitive content" also a way of improving the performance of the server, by alowing it not to be fully loaded until it is clicked on?


In my opinion, it is a failure of society.

We (mostly as children or young adults) grow and learn from each other how to care about each other, and also about ourselves. We learn how to deal with our problems but also, as a society, we help other people deal with their problems.

If somebody is deaf, it's of course not our fault that we don't know sign language or don't offer personal assistance. Instead, we, as a society, provide opportunities, care about translators and subtitles, create schools, etc. Unconditionally.

But in the case of mental illnesses, it's always conditional. If you are neurodivergent, your childhood and adolescence are nightmares, and your socialization is a failure, nobody cares. You have to earn help. If you have depression, you have to earn help. If you have OCD, you have to earn help. If you are male, you have to earn 2 times more. If you are not physically attractive, you have to earn 2 times more.

Should grants use a lottery approach? 🎟️

"Research shows that, barring a minority of outstanding projects, grant winners and losers are not decided by a precise and objective identification of worthy and unworthy projects. Instead, the luck of the draw — who reviews what proposal and the opinions they hold — generally determines these outcomes."

"It is excessively wasteful in terms of researchers’ time."

#sciencereform #macademia #metascience @academicchatter

“The price of privilege is the moral duty to act when one sees another person treated unfairly.”
 ~Isabel Wilkerson

Do better.

How To Be an Antiracist, by Ibram X. Kendi 
Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson
So You Want to Talk About Race, by Ijeoma Oluo

#Antiracist #Antiracism #DoBetter

We have decided to create an account at Mastodon. We need time to learn how this platform works but also how to synchronize our work here with the Twitter account.

Thank you all for joining us here. No matter where we are, the mission stays the same. We are in social media to commemorate the victims of Auschwitz and educate the world about the tragic story of the camp.

meta social media 

It seems clear to me that one consequence of the shift from Twtr to Mastodon - for me - is that I will be spending less time on social media, but better.

Better in that there will be less anger, but also less triviality for the sake of being part or the viral, the moment.

Hey guys. New here, I do work on the verge of social science and machine learning. Me and my team were thinking about scraping some Mastodon servers to analyze the progession from Twitter.
Can you recommend any nice python based Mastodon scrapers? I have seen the "official" api for managing the profiles, but didn't see anything to directly scrape the Toots.

My latest #ecoevo publication is an intro to the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis, commissioned by the John Templeton Foundation. It is a 60 pg document that lays out the assumptions of the #ModernSynthesis according to the #EES, the diverse origins of the EES in multiple disciplines, and the current status & objections to the #extendedsynthesis. A friendly & illustrated review for anyone interested in knowing what it's all about.

#evolution #evobio #evolutionarybiology

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