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“The single most important problem with null hypothesis testing is that it provides researchers with no incentive to develop precise hypotheses. To perform a significance test, one need not specify the predictions of either one’s own research hypothesis or those of alternative hypotheses”
(Gerd Gigerenzer 1993)

is back up.

Please keep in mind will need quite a few hours to handle the backlog from downtime. Tomorrow we are going to split out the workers so they can begin using the scaling. So tomorrow this should be fixed. For the next 24 hours expect things to be a bit slow and uploading pictures probably wont work until we fix that.

Give it 24 hours and hopefully things will be back to normal at that time.

Excited to announce the Critical Perspectives on the Metascience Reform Movement Symposium on March 7, 2024! Dive into discussions on the evolving social dynamics shaping research processes and the impact of open science practices.

This symposium is a unique opportunity to collaborate, share insights, and contribute to shaping the future landscape of scientific inquiry. Register for free now to secure your spot.

#OpenScience #Metascience #Research

welp, Elon Musk came to Poland for a conference on antisemitism in Auschwitz, with Ben fucking Shapiro

@OpenAlex (#OpenAlex) has a new and friendly user interface.

PS: The new interface is wonderfully simple and should bring this powerful tool to more users. Next time you have a research question, try it before #GoogleScholar or your other stand-bys. Or try both and compare. OpenAlex searches titles, abstracts, and full-text, and has unrivaled scope, indexing over 250m works from 250k sources.


ActivityPub plugin for WordPress has bumped to version 2.0, lots of good changes. No-brainer prediction that blogging with ActivityPub will continue to improve throughout 2024, in, WordPress, and elsewhere.


Preprinted a 2021 project from MSc student Sebastian Ploner:

"How analysis strategy affects analysis results: Assessing results space and structure of Silberzahn et al. (2018) through model specification. "

Here's the story

🧵 1/

I love @wikipedia as a reader but hate it as an author / contributor. This article explains why.

PS: Imagine how much more effective W would be at informing users, documenting facts, and countering misinformation if it had a healthier editing culture.

Well, they did it. eLife fired Michael Eisen. Absolutely outrageous. The bounds of allowed thought tighten. Any criticism of Israel is out of bounds. A new McCarthyism, except instead of communists under the bed, it's people who think it matters both when Israelis are slaughtered AND when Palestinians are slaughtered. And many, many in the academic community, seeing this, are afraid to speak, especially those without tenure, & even w/ tenure especially those from Middle Eastern countries other than Israel. How easily they can be slandered as anti-semitic should they speak.

Please sign our petition calling for this *not* to happen, and to defend academic freedom:

Scientists in life/neuro sciences: defend academic freedom. Sign our petition to eLife/HHMI saying Michael Eisen should not be censured for expressing his political opinions. Can be anonymous.

A chill is setting into academia. Many, especially without tenure, are afraid to express their opinions on the situation in Israel/Gaza. The leading edge of this chill has been the attacks on Eisen. Whatever your personal opinion, defend academic freedom by signing this petition.

I wrote a new post on my blog (the first for over a year). The events in Gaza and Israel are almost too much to bear. It's impossible to support Hamas, who are theocratic dictators, much like ISIS/Islamic State. It's equally impossible to support Israel's hard-right government's response. [The brilliant cartoon is
by Ben Jennings, for the Guardian]

🧵 Thread: "Building a Sustainable Public and Open IT Infrastructure for Science and Public Debate in Europe 🌍🔬"

1/ Science and public debate are vital for progress. Recent events, like the "Twitter Crisis," have highlighted the need for a sustainable IT infrastructure. Discover more in my blog post:

Like many of my friends, I am deeply saddened by the recent crimes of Hamas. But I will not “stand with Israel”, just as I will not “stand with Hamas”. Bost State of Israel and Hamas are organisations clearly responsible for crimes against humanity.

Of course, “solidarity with Israel” usually means solidarity with murdered people, not with state. Of course, I don’t want to accuse anyone of bad intentions.

"I was not considered faculty quality, because I didn’t have a first author publication in Nature and didn’t have an Ivy League education."
Katalin Karikó (Nobel prize) -yet another example of the stupidity of metrics

PSA to all OSF users

Occasionally, make sure that all of your projects that are meant to be public are indeed still public. OSF doesn't notify users when their conent is marked as spam (& consequently made private). It can happen years since you originally posted it.

If your OSF content was marked as spam, go here:

#openscienceframework #openscience

Twitter has the highest prevalence of disinformation among six online platforms studied by the EU. Fake news comes primarily from Russia’s disinformation operation, a "weapon of mass manipulation."

I love #GitHub, but is the fact that it is a proprietry, trade-secret system that goes against Free and Open Source Software (#FOSS) principles an issue? Even if you think not, then surely their unpermitted use of #copyleft code to train for-profit #Copilot is an issue. Really interesting article from @conservancy diving into this issue here:

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