@hrisskar Thanks for the link; some people are using studies presented in the past, as in a pandemic was likely to happen since it did regularly happen in certain time intervals of time in the past. And we had gone many years since the last one.

The fact that Bill Gates made a presentation and funded a study via his family foundation is considered proof of a dark conspiracy. NWO is invoked, etc.

I watched a few minutes of this second link, and it's similar -- point to articles in legitimate media (The Atlantic, Bloomberg) and use a highlighter and voice over to post an anonymous video.

The problems is, people can take a lot of things seriously, and in a bad situation react with anger against whatever their attention got focused on. In the US in particular, a large number of weapons are in private hands, and any civilian disturbances can quickly turn ugly.


@design_RG It would be extremely painful to a whole lotta people if things got even more out of hand than it has already!

@hrisskar Yes, that can certainly happen. The disinformation and radicalization of people (for political ends) can precipitate things.

We have a health pandemic without much of a treatment possible at the moment (other than life support via ITU and advanced equipment).

WE had a lot of people without much savings and many with large amounts of debt, and now an economic malaise/pandemic that will affect the whole planet.

Healthwise, and even economically, the less developed countries might be the most damaged (Africa comes to mind, how could they cope?).

These are historical times, and we have to wait day by day to see the latest developments. Sometimes it's hard to read the news, scanning the headlines is already difficult.

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