Two in one: When work gets in the way of blogging, plus I finally finished writing my big manuscript:

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ME: Yes, I would like a Caesar salad please.

SALADBOT 9000: [ stabs me 23 times ]

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"Changing to the metric system is hard and would confuse people."

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Has Armageddon ever sounded so good? 👼 😈

The main theme from @neilhimself's #GoodOmens, composed by David Arnold, was one of the delights performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra and Huddersfield Choral Society at the #BBCProms this year. The concert was conducted by Anna-Maria Helsing.

📺 Watch Fantasy Film Music at the Proms now on BBC iPlayer

#StarWars #LOTR #LordOfTheRings #NeilGaiman #fantasy #film #soundtrack #OST #movie #BBCConcertOrchestra #AnnaMariaHelsing


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Today was ... interesting. If you followed me for the past months over on the shitbird site, you might have seen a bunch of angry German words, lots of graphs, and the occassional news paper, radio, or TV snippet with yours truely. Let me explain.

In Austria, inflation is way above the EU average. There's no end in sight. This is especially true for basic needs like energy and food.

Our government stated in May that they'd build a food price database together with the big grocery chains. But..

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TIP: Any fans of the excellent natural language calculator app Soulver? This action, and associated shortcut, make it easy to select text in Drafts, and have Soulver calculate a result and return it (works with Soulver on Mac and iPad).

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The other day I was arguing with a colleague, & I said that I thought 95% of the funds getting thrown at AI would be better spent strengthening infrastructure to handle climate change. He said “AI will fix climate change.”

Now I think 100% of those funds should be redirected.

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Due to global warming, Vivaldi's Four Seasons have been reworked so that the Summer movement is 30% longer and played fortissimo, winter is 10% shorter and played pianissimo, with some random bars played sforzando, to account for the slowing of the North Atlantic Current, and both Spring and Autumn are now played very quickly and with abrupt changes in key, indicating their chaotic nature.

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@drdrang I read using RSS but normally I just skim over the equations. In the rare case I wanted to go into the details of your (way advanced to me) math, I’ve opened the rss link in the browser.

@grumpygamer I also switched to Kagi a few months ago. The adapting time is weird, and paying for a search engine is something that took me a while to process, but the results are so much better than DDG and specially Google, that the 5$ a month I pay don’t hurt at all.

@emilcar @aar0n @xtianp87 Estaba probando, y si al atajo le pones el icono de Notas en vez del estándar y el color amarillo, el menú es muy parecido. Pero no se puede sacar ese icono plano, te pone el de notas en plan stack de shortcuts… me imagino que, como dices, hay algo de photoshop.

@emilcar @aar0n @xtianp87 es posible que el equipo de marketing haya metido la mano para poner el icono de Notas y los colores. A ver si cuando alguien tenga el nuevo iPhone nos puede comentar si se puede programar el action button para escribir una nota…

@emilcar @aar0n @xtianp87 y si cambias la opción de abrir al ejecutar? Creo que así se ejecuta el atajo sin abrir notas.

@emilcar @aar0n @xtianp87 creo que es la entrada de texto del shortcut esperando a que le des al OK para seguir ejecutando el resto de acciones.

@dotage and do they pay attention to the old man or they just try to ignore him until they’re all doomed?

@dotage I really like the idea of a turn-based survival game where it seems like an old man is yelling at everyone to do the right thing.

Today I had a Teams remote meeting where the browser window only showed an error message, but somehow my image and audio worked. I’ve been talking to a bunch of URLs and numbers for about 20 min while the other party could see me without any problem. It’s been… weird.

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