Opened the first rosé of the season. Starting with a 2022 Ridge Lytton Estate Rosé was a great idea. Zesty, perfect amount of sweetness and just delicious and refreshing. One of the best Rosé around here!

Specially proud of today’s record-breaking time. Breaking any record is now an achievement, but getting 5 min on a Sunday is just 💪

I still beat my times from time to time. But it’s getting increasingly hard though…

Saturday at the lab, admiring the neatness of the bench and the electronics of a pipette. Simple, yet still interesting to observe daily lab equipment.

I decided to have a look at the Nostr protocol out of curiosity and the only thing I found there was a lot of Cryptobro servers and users. I logged in via and that looked like hell. Is that really what’s trying to replace activityPub? Not for me, thanks.

Opened a bottle of 2013 Cab today. Rutherford has some of the best wines in the US, and Inglenook never disappoints. 🍷

@charliemchapman maybe it’s time to update this to change twitter for mastodon? That by itself will be worth the subscription 🙃

Well, this was an easy purchase decision. Congrats to @ivory !

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