I took some images using a microscope that uses a technique that breaks the light limit, called super-resolution. It allows to show structures smaller than the light we see coming from them. Here the cell’s skeleton (actin filaments, that help cells move and keep everything in place inside it).

Opened the first rosé of the season. Starting with a 2022 Ridge Lytton Estate Rosé was a great idea. Zesty, perfect amount of sweetness and just delicious and refreshing. One of the best Rosé around here!

Specially proud of today’s record-breaking time. Breaking any record is now an achievement, but getting 5 min on a Sunday is just 💪

I still beat my times from time to time. But it’s getting increasingly hard though…

Saturday at the lab, admiring the neatness of the bench and the electronics of a pipette. Simple, yet still interesting to observe daily lab equipment.

I decided to have a look at the Nostr protocol out of curiosity and the only thing I found there was a lot of Cryptobro servers and users. I logged in via Coracle.social and that looked like hell. Is that really what’s trying to replace activityPub? Not for me, thanks.

Opened a bottle of 2013 Cab today. Rutherford has some of the best wines in the US, and Inglenook never disappoints. 🍷

@charliemchapman maybe it’s time to update this to change twitter for mastodon? That by itself will be worth the subscription 🙃

Well, this was an easy purchase decision. Congrats to @ivory !

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