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Ahora que la BBC ha decidido censurar a sir David Attenborough porque la derecha no está dispuesta a admitir que sus políticas están destruyendo el planeta, es un buen momento para rescatar una anécdota poco conocida que ilustra hasta qué punto el naturalista y documentalista británico es, además de un tesoro nacional, una persona valiente y comprometida.


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It's international women's day.

While you're talking about solidarity, don't forget:
- trans women
- disabled women
- Black Women, Indigenous Women, and Women of Colour
- women in prisons
- women with addiction issues
- old and elderly women
- women who are sex workers

...the list goes on.

Remember all the women who are ignored and forgotten, even on days they're meant to be remembered.

"The truth is, no one of us can be free until everybody is free." - Maya Angelou


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Not only did Elon Musk go full psychopath today trying to publicly demean one of his (apparently now) former employees, of all people he chose *this* guy to attack, to really contrast himself with what a good human looks like.

*slow clap*

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I guess it's time to move my prescriptions away from Walgreens. 

I expect a pharmacy to remove medications in a state where they've become illegal. I can even understand (though not agree with) not selling certain medications at all because you don't think they should be used. But Walgreens is stopping the sale of legal medications just because certain state AGs are looking to move up the GOP ladder.

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The WSJ published a "cOnsErvAtIvE spEEch On cAmpUs Is gEttIng cAncEllEd article" today. I will not link to it, and I normally wouldn't give this bullshit the time of day but this one happens to be about my alma mater, Stanford, so I feel a certain duty to point out the shitty journalism in this article by calling out the fact that the reason the university has an anonymous reporting system for hateful conduct is because there have been several anti-semitic incidents on campus in recent years /1

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Somebody can't pay the SMS charges for 2FA, IMHO 😉

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The “cancel culture” and anti-“wokeism” moral panics rely on a complete inversion of the actual balance of power, portraying traditionally marginalized groups as mighty forces that urgently need to be reined in – and those in elite positions as desperately in need of protection. (Thread - 1/)

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El nivel de conspiranoia que estoy leyendo en redes sobre el tren de Ohio está alcanzando cotas ya de gorrito de papel de plata.

"El Chernobil americano que la prensa nacional e internacional te están ocultando". "Están arrestando a periodistas que intentan investigar".

Lo último: "el gobierno federal está derribando globos sonda para evitar que tomen mediciones del desastre desde el aire" y "BlackRock ordenó quemar los tanques".

Ya. En serio. STAHP.

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Wow. La placa de Anatolia se ha desplazado 3,5 metros a causa del #terremoto del sur de #Turquía, tal y como se puede apreciar en estas fotos:

(via: reddit/r/europe)

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Sin leer el artículo:

Me juego el cuello a que los MIERDAS de El Confidencial llaman "laboralistas" a cuatro abogaditos de bufetes sicarios de empresas.


Faltan lanzallamas.

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Keynes en 1930: "para el 2030 los avances en productividad y automatización conseguirán que los trabajadores solo tengan que trabajar 15 horas a la semana".

El capitalismo a las puertas de 2030:

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Launching Draftodon - a @drafts Action Group for Mastodon 🚀
Finally finished the first version for #Draftodon - now you can easily integrate Drafts with #Mastodon

The Action Group should be really easy to use and allows you to post or schedule different types of statuses to Mastodon. It includes some helpers for composing posts and also tools to view or edit scheduled posts.

You can download the Action Group from the Drafts Directory:

🚀🚀🚀 [1/4]

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It's so weird to see people cheering on tech layoffs because they believe tech workers get paid too much and don't work hard enough, but then also cheering on billionaires laying them off because they apparently do deserver the money and do work hard enough. Like, there's literally a wealth threshold where you go from "overpaid" to "how dare you question this man, the amount of money he has means he is completely infallible". It's like a tabletop exercise in coming up with the wrongest possible take on wealth inequality.

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You can help make trans kids
happy and health.
or you can make trans kids
miserable and isolated.

You cannot make trans kids cis

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A new update came out yesterday with lots of bug fixes, a few minor features, and a brand new app icon by @gn!

See changelog and update here:

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So you may have noticed that the Twitter login of is not working at the moment.

According to twitter, the app “has violated Twitter Rules and policies”. I can’t tell much more at the moment since the email they mention never arrived in my inbox.

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