I've just received the third Emergency Broadcast on my mobile here in Greece. I have some issues with the current administration, but on Covid-19 the Government under its new female president has been up-to-speed and pro-active.

The UK is still behind the curve in terms of schools, transport and self-isolation.

@iankenway The UK is in a tough position. They have been struggling with a horrific economy for some time. Pre-brexit seeing wage mobility no better than america and mean wages 25% - 40% less than america. Now post brexit who knows, but it was a response, largely, to the suffering economy and a desperate act to recover the economy (whether it will achieve that or not is a matter of debate).

Now we have COVID-19 something that is causing a huge hit to the economy, something the UK really couldnt afford right now. Its no surprise they are in a bit of denial thinking that if they keep things running, even if that means people get sick quicker, at least it wont hurt the economy. Not saying that a proper response, but I'm just saying the way the UK is responding is not surprising given the pressures they are facing.

@freemo Thanks. Hope your sister's making progress, Best!

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