I found the old WiFi router it looks like my WiFi extender

@iceloops I would not be surprised if the extender is the exact same hardware just with different firmware loaded

@freemo the extander says it support 5 g but I can't seem to get it to work oddly

@iceloops @freemo
What fw ver is it? Have you looked into the configs? I'm assuming there is a launchpage.

@lucifargundam @freemo I have model v1 and I am not sure about normal fw but I know it goes up to 5 but the custom fw goes buy date and 5 releases and I might try 2021.5 ?

@freemo I seen a custom firmware called fresh tomato for the router I think when I can I'll flash it but I want to flash the latest official on it first

@iceloops there are a lot of routers that you can load custom firmwares on actually, and quite a few firmwares to pick from

@freemo yeah I seen open wrt supports the middle model of the router I would like

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