As soon as easy hosting options are available again, we'll move to a self-hosted instance. Unfortunately, qoto is one of the few scholarly instances that allow academic societies, but has a policy towards "free speech" we do not share.

@ypc_bunsen What policy of free speech are you talking about? Our ToC is here, it doesnt say anything about free speech.

We have very specific rules, and that includes this part of our ToC:

… hate-based speech such as sexist, racist, or homophobic speech will not be tolerated, be kind to each other.

QOTO aims to provide a community where our users do not fear being punished for their personal opinions. We do not allow people to disseminate ideologies that are abusive or violent towards others. Demonstrating support for or defending ideologies known to be violent or hateful is a bannable offense. This includes, but is not limited to: racial supremacy, anti-LGBTQ or anti-cis-gender/anti-straight, pro-genocide, child abuse or child pornography, etc. While we recognize questions and conversation regarding these topics are essential for a STEM community, in general, doing so in bad faith will result in immediate expulsion.

@freemo still, qoto is blocked by multiple other instances, so we'll have to move eventually anyway.


@ypc_bunsen @freemo Given your response, you were going to move off QOTO because you thought you didn't share its policy towards "free speech", without knowing what that policy actually was?

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