El negocio del esquí ya no tiene sentido ni ético ni práctico con el calentamiento global. Cuando antes lo admitamos, mejor. Se requiere invertir en naturaleza, no en hierros.


"We lost a titan of programming languages, programming methodology, software engineering and hardware design. Niklaus Wirth passed away on the first of January. We mourn a pioneer, colleague, mentor and friend."
Bertrand Meyer.

As a researcher for 37 years in Formal Methods (applied to software production, but also to manufacturing and telecommunications systems), I support every line of this manifesto: “A Manifesto for Applicable Formal Methods”, by Mario Gleirscher, Jaco van de Pol and Jim Woodcock.

New profile header photo: mallata Carduso de Sesa (Parque Nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdido, Spain).

Brisbane again, but from a significantly higher elevation, effectively reducting the effect of curvature.

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On vacation in Moreton island, I was able to see the effect of the curvature of the Earth by viewing the city of Brisbane about 25 miles away (which corresponds to a lowering of elevation of about 300 feet; Brisbane is roughly 100 feet above sea level).

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