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I’m Jay! I am a in , PA, USA. Currently studying , to , and sciences. Previously worked in software quality assurance.

"The only way to stop young Black men from shooting each other and young white men from shooting up schools and stores and churches and everyplace else is to take away their guns. In fact, the only way to stop all gun crazy Americans from shooting people is to take away their guns."

"Advocates took a stand against gun violence Friday at the Chester County Courthouse. Cease Fire PA wore orange as they held a rally to kick off Gun Violence Awareness Month."

weekend is coming up June 2 - 4. Please consider coming to an event near you. Go to for details.

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"As I’ve documented recently, in the past year alone there have been at least eight gun massacres in public places in America committed by heavily armed shooters who used AR-15s and tactical gear, an escalating trend. The perpetrators have mostly been suicidal young adults, including three who were 18 years old. The latest one fatally shot three people and injured six others on May 15 in Farmington, New Mexico, where he screamed for police to kill him as they took him out in a gun battle. His was another textbook case of warning signs tragically missed or unheeded."

Please, instead of tweeting or tooting about this, watch and see if you agree or disagree with it.

"TOMORROW, in a one-night-only event, ABC will be airing two episodes of docuseries. Ep1: Democracy, and Ep2: Justice. First we will show you how Black resistance democratized America, and then we will spend a full hour laying out why reparations are owed. Join us."

"only about 25-30% of registered voters cast ballots. And that low turnout occurred here in a city where Democrats outnumber Republicans 7-1. By the way, as the Committee of Seventy’s policy officer told the Inquirer in a May 17 article, that’s “not great.”"

"Though more than one million Black Americans served in WWII, their military uniforms couldn't protect them from systematic racism. Military segregation was maintained throughout the war, which meant separate barracks and recreation facilities, both at home and abroad."

"In 1871, abolitionist Frederick Douglass feared Americans were forgetting the Civil War's impetus — slavery — when he gave a Decoration Day speech at Arlington National Cemetery.

"We must never forget that the loyal soldiers who rest beneath this sod flung themselves between the nation and the nation's destroyers," Douglass said."

"I am huge on representation and for little black kids to see themselves on the big screen."

"Black Americans unduly bear the burden of gun violence, largely due to systemic inequities and generations of racial discrimination.

On National Gun Violence Awareness Day, 6/2, we will to call attention to this crisis that disproportionately harms Black communities."

"But then comes the question I don’t know how to answer. “Ms. Taichman, what do we do if the guy gets through the door?”

Before I can respond, another child calls out, “Get on the floor and play dead.” He’s 8 years old, and he has already experienced gun violence firsthand."

"Go in with a completely open mind and open heart. Even if your old habits and voices in your head are telling you no—this is silly, this is weird—just do it. And it will change things for you. It did for me."

"In his remarkable and challenging book The Crooked Path to Abolition, he makes the case that there were effectively two constitutions written in Philadelphia that summer of 1787, one proslavery and one antislavery, which would be in conflict with each other for more than the next fourscore years."

"{RCV] identifies a majority winner with broad support. Voters simply rank their candidates in honest order of preference. If their favorite candidate can’t win, their vote will count for a backup choice."

"How can we solve the problem of persistent poverty in low-status communities? Majora Carter argues that these areas need a talent-retention strategy, just like the ones companies have. Retaining homegrown talent is a critical part of creating a strong local economy that can resist gentrification. But too many people born in low-status communities measure their success by how far away from them they can get.Carter, who could have been one of them, returned to the South Bronx and devised a development strategy rooted in the conviction that these communities have the resources within themselves to succeed. "

This is actually sounds like she BEGGED to be a part of the machine.

Why not say the machine BEGGED YOU to be in charge?

"For critics, those endorsements were a sign that Parker, who is the 50th Ward leader, was merely a cog in the Democratic machine and that her administration would be a continuance of the status quo. Harris said that narrative has it backward: Parker wasn’t hand-picked to run by the machine; she cajoled the machine into backing her run."

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