I am very happy to announce that our lab will soon move to the University of to join the Centre for Organismal Studies (COS)


We will build up a new department on Evolutionary Neurobiology with a focus on marine larval behaviour, comparative , molecular organismal biology, and related topics.


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We am very excited to move to COS and join its vibrant community. We have a shared interest in the study of organismal biology across the boundaries of biological levels of organization.

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There will be new and openings, if you are interested to work with us, please get in touch. Possible topics include neurobiology, eye , , the behaviour of ciliated etc. You can work on a growing selection of organisms kept in the lab, including Platynereis (still our no. 1), , or join more exotic projects investigating hard-to-culture marine animals including polyclads, hemichordates or amphioxus.

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@jekely congratulations!, very interested in #postdoc openings exploring funkier annelid larvae 😎

@allan_littlecar Thanks Allan! Not much on funky annelids at the moment, but happy to discuss!

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