@paradoxmo I love the idea of Bulletproof. The forgery history makes it more fun! However, if you can suggest other waterproof/resistant black brands, I will listen.

Any ink people ever had Noodlers Bulletproof dry up and not flow through nibs? Had to fully clean out 2 pens. It was almost a jelly consistency..

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@dragfyre I have seen this hashtag all week and it is only today, after about 22 posts in a row that I realised it was all about a capitalised letter placement...

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My mate Ryan has a new project. Do you like #RPG #CreativeWriting or played #FightingFantasy books, this could be your jam.
Within the Kind Red Building - A Sci Fi Solo Journaling RPG by Ryan K Lindsay — Kickstarter

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Want to organize an event and missing Facebook events?

gath.io/ is doing that on the Fediverse. You don’t even need an account to create/manage or participate in an event. Clicking on the link is enough.

And every single data about the event is deleted one week after.

But if it is not enough for you, you can also try the federated Mobilizon.


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Explaining roadman to foreigners 🤣 🤣
h/t No Context Brits

@grant_h I turned it down! Thought you might want to know.

@grant_h Thanks for hints. Current HoD was told to organise, implement safety and get consistency. I walked into a very organised, safe and fairly communicative department that had 3 staff not overly committing. (2 of them were playing the game to get promoted, and did, other is just old and refused change). Will see what happens in the meeting I guess!

@grant_h Yeah. Maybe. It is such a weird one. 5 people have said take the job, just for the CV. Some people said if I say no, I am likely to be knocked back for anything else because SLT are historically "spiteful"... I am still in my first year there (teaching 15 years) and just a mushroom who just wants to get my job done... Such a weird place to be.

@grant_h Current HoD contract terminated for next year with no explanation as to what they were/were not doing. New HoD appointed (via nepotism) and started to hire/decide for the next year despite current HoD still HoD. Promoted HoD then saw a deputy position so applied and then got that, leaving science HoD position empty. As the school is having a mass exodus of staff (a lot of International schools have this happen every 5 or so years) I would be the only other science teacher who has experience in the school as it is almost a full department re-hire. I like some SLT and am not scared to say how I feel, but the red flags are fairness/treatment based....

Hello out there. If a "you can be it by default" HoD position falls in your lap, but the reason it falls is due to questionable SLT management decisions... Do you take the job?
I have many red flags but is "doing it for the money" worth it?
All comments appreciated. @edutooters

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@jeffowski As a teacher of IB and the high school students being told to access academic and peer reviewed journals in order to get the top marks in their IA and EE essays... This is great help. Thanks!

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I love Elle Cordova and her clever, funny videos. This one is for all my writer and editor frends.

@MFDOOMALLCAPS Have you seen barb wire death yet? Which one was it in?

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