@MFDOOMALLCAPS This Eurovision classic has lived in my head, rent free since 2008 and I have all their albums youtu.be/a-nbF9dxbJ0?si=ReV8zn

@MFDOOMALLCAPS Hmm.. I feel like you need to see how banging it can be... youtube.com/watch?v=dyGR4YWlPE one of my faves from last year. Went ant found their albums.

@MFDOOMALLCAPS Woke up at 2am on Wed and today to watch the semi finals... One might say, excited.

@lxsameer It is point and click and sadly we are a Google school. TBF I only ever used the one built into Word or citethisforme....

@lxsameer Good question. Kids at my school are told to use the one built into Google docs. 😑

Did all my posting from my other instance. Hope everyone watching had fun!

@AnnaAnthro We got the official IB email today about tracking it down. My kids in Bangkok are not too worried. I wonder how they think the online exams will be any less sketchy.

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@yourfutureex It does get warm, yes.. It is the best solution for us anyway. Dislike smart TVs and need sonething the kid (and husband, haha) can use. Good luck with the mission!

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@yourfutureex Once initial set up is done you don't have to do much. Yes, you do need a Playstation account...

@yourfutureex I don't have my manual anymore but there is some power info here ecoenergygeek.com/ps5-power-co the remote is a peripheral I bought for an extra $35 AUD. We have Disney, Netflix, Youtube and a sports app. Apple TV, Prime Twitch on there. Can get it with a disc drive for dvd/bluray or just as a box for digital games/storage.

@marmar22 The Lego Disco Phial song from Lego LOTR *nods*

@MFDOOMALLCAPS Unless you didn't mean the geographical area of Asia... Whoops..

@MFDOOMALLCAPS A Japanese mate just introduced me to LOUDNESS last August. They are Japanese, heavy-ish hair metal and I now have them on regular rotation. youtube.com/watch?v=pXCpPpPCW4

@LRRRonEarth I don't get this... Maybe I just search for stuff in a way that I always get what I want...

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Any female-presenting person of a certain age who's taught long enough has had students absentmindedly call them "Mom."

Today, amid a rather frenetic last-day-before- the-draft's-due class period, one of my #PhlEd seniors looked right at me and, all unconsciously, said "Alexa, how do I cite..." before he heard his own words and froze in horror.

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