@paradoxmo Ugh... But it turns out the "easy way to change nibs" is not easy at all 😭

@paradoxmo My cheap LAMYs arrived and thought I would give you an update.
I assumed (incorectly) that an "aluminium" pen would be made of metal. It is not.
I also thought I was buying a matte black ball point to match my fountain pen. They do not match 🤣 Both pens write well and look nice, so still a win.

Today was my first at my school in . A lovely ceremony where students ask teachers for blessings. They hand out flowers and the teacher gives a blessing for the year and ties a string around the student's wrist. I was not expecting much as I am new, but I gave enough blessings to need a display, in my best chemistry way. @edutooters

First date-night in Bangkok with my husband and another couple. Beer, all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ, beer, then The Rock Bar for a Greenday/MCR punk cover band and then the first couple songs of a Limp Biskit/Rage Against The Machine type band, and cider. Such a good night! 🤘🤘

If today's PD lunch was anything to go by, my new school should be just fine.

In my quest to
a) improve fitness
b) use my fountain pens more
I was able to combine the 2 for my gym session accountability

So I got a rad meme mug as a farewell present today. Seems like my year 11s are still salty about a hard exam I gave them last year. Hopefully the alt text makes sense!

2 weeks until we move out. Sold the futon, bedroom suite, DVD collection and some retro console projects I never finished today. It is getting real.

Scored some cherry polish for my Doc Martens for my birthday. Already putting it to use. TRG One polish in Bordeaux, 111

Been getting mad headaches this week. Had to dig out my glasses. Going for a "sassy nerd" look

Saw @alyankovic last night. It has been 11 years since his last Brisbane gig. Our seats were amazing and his set of "all the unpopular songs and b-sides" was a delight.

I follow Arnold Schwarzenegger on other socials. He has a newsletter that is always inspiring that drops ever few months. He just started a daily paragraph called The Pump Daily. Both are free to sign up to. The first Pump Daily started with setting up a vision for the year and I am all for it. I have one in my bathroom and by my computer. Going to make it happen!

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