My ink arrived! Now I just have to use up the ink in the cartridges so I can then start using the converters in my fountain pens.

@jellycrystals Please share once you use them... also let me know if they have any sheen, I am always on the lookout for inks with good sheen.

@freemo Slow down! I only bought fountain pens 2 weeks ago! Haha. I don't even know what sheen is... Such a noob. It took me trawling many blogs and sites to pick these three and then I had "Should I have bought Noodler's?" regret... And as far as calligraphy goes, I just want to do all my school work with them, my handwriting is sad. I did notice your math proofs well well inked!

@jellycrystals No worries, I was new once too, and still far from perfect.

If you ever need ink, pen, or writing advice hit me up.

Sheen is a quality of ink where it has a glossy shine to it, and when light reflects off the glossy surface the color of the reflected light is different than the color of the ink itself. It is very special and only a few inks do it and furthermore you need the right paper for it to show.

Attached is an example of sheen, notice the golden color on the word "things".. that color isnt there its a reflection and it goes away as you tilt the paper and shows across the whole text at the right angle.

I also included a different ink with sheen on my name. Both pictures are the same instance just held at different angles so you can see how the sheen changes with angle.

@freemo Oh. Weird. Not sure if I like that! It is a little special though. Thanks for the pics.

@jellycrystals Diamine in inks are very good. Beware that some, with time, are prone to clog your fountain pen. Good pen maintenance is important to avoid that.

@joaopinheiro I will do my best! I have only had them for 2 weeks and started at the very bottom rung, the Platinum Preppy! Thanks for the advice.

@jellycrystals Poppy Red :blobcataww: I wonder whether it's more orange or more intense red

@martianconduit I could only go from the online swatches. So I am hoping more red than orange. Will let you know when I use it!

@jellycrystals Fantastic inks! Which pens are you planning to fill them in?

@sopa I am new to fountain pens so only have Pilot Preppys and a Lamy Safari, nothing fancy, but I am a fan of the fine and extra fine nibs!

@jellycrystals Safari is one of my favourites, though I’m fairly deep down the rabbit hole.

@sopa A friend gave me a cheap, metal Amazon pen and I love the weight of it compared to Safari and Preppy. My upgrade pens will be a little heavier I hope. Going to run the Preppys for a while though. Might try and ink dropper one and turn one into a highlighter. I fell down a hacks hole!

@jellycrystals I’m guessing the metal pen is Chinese, perhaps Jinhao?

@jellycrystals Ran a quick Google search and yes, those pens are most likely Chinese-made. I have seen similar pens here. They seem well made and the nibs are decent too.

@sfierbaugh Good to hear! Deciding on which ones to buy was hard. I feel like I should have bought Noodlers though....

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