Cut aubergine in large cubes, marinade them in olive oil and a decent amount of chopped garlic cloves. Preheat airfryer, 190C 3 mins default. Then put the marinaded aubergine in and evenly spread them and then 190C for 15 mins. I usually do this with 2 aubergines.
Bon apetit!

@trinsec Didn't know you can/should preheat it! Good to know. Thanks.

@jellycrystals Oh you do have to preheat it. The advantage is that the duration for preheating is a lot shorter, which is nicer than having to preheat a whole oven for 10 mins for some small meal.

@jellycrystals My airfryer is a large Inventum one, which has 190C 3 mins as a default preheating option. I don't recall what the Philips one has, you'll have to look it up. Might be just 'turn it on' and the default values are there already and then just activate it like I do with mine.

@trinsec The included manual is useless so I am about to look at a pdf version. All I know is that it's first cook was a success! (Turkey nuggets, 10minutes at 180 C)

@trinsec Fryer update. Made a breakfast cookie, baked potato, omelette bread, roast chicken and chicken skin crackling. So far, zero disappointments. 😁

@jellycrystals Damn, at this rate that'll be the only kitchen appliance you'll be using. 😁

Yeah, it's a very useful buy.

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