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I would argue that the rise of GenAI demands more not less transparency. The "old" peer review system hides the process of approval, so once a paper is "peer-reviewed" it somehow has an air of legitimacy.

I share your concerns- but I think the solution involves networks of trust and more active science communication.

@adredish We disagree. I find it super informative to be able to read decision-letters. To see what careful readers came up with that I might have missed on a casual read.

@albertcardona Or wind or fusion or fission. Lots of ways to make energy. We need to do some large scale sequestration of C02, right?

@adamhsparks Agreed. I much prefer Julia over R (for syntax and other things) but the documentations of packages on CRAN is generally really good.

How do neural circuits generate flexible, cognitive behaviours? The Duan and @jerlich labs are looking for 2️⃣ excellent postdoctoral research fellows to join the team. Check out the vacancies and apply by 25 May: sainsburywellcome.org/web/cont

!! come join us as a group leader !! we have 2 lectureships just opened for applications in our department at UCL! Join one of the best, the most exciting and most friendly neuroscience departments! ucl.ac.uk/work-at-ucl/search-u #neuroscience #jobs #london

@Gert this is such an important perspective. in the west, when someone has a psychotic episode, we strap them down in a hospital and then wonder why they are paranoid.

@dhananjaythakur This is a challenge! h265 encoding of video can save a lot of space. Companies like 45drives.com offer really affordable solutions, but you should talk to your dept/university IT department because labs shouldn't be managing their own storage. Some places, like gin.g-node.org offer free storage (up to some limit).


"A robot-rodent interaction arena with adjustable spatial complexity for ethologically relevant behavioral studies"


@MolemanPeter @neuralreckoning Dan - I think the most basic forms of consciousness (like pnas.org/doi/10.1073/pnas.1520) require representation and require some integration of sensory information over time (even if the timescale is short, like a few hundred milliseconds). Would you consider this memory? Is all integration memory?

Someone got mad at me for using CC-BY-NC because it was a "nonfree license." Not like it stops them in practice, but now that all CC-BY are being harvested for LLMs i think I was right.

There 1 week to apply for the PhD studentship in my lab (4 years, paid as an RA, fees at UK rate) to contribute to understanding how the brain constructs auditory space. shorturl.at/adoJN

Post will require great coding skills so background in engineering, datasciences or neuroscience is ideal!

#datascience #neuroscience #PhdStudentship

In press! 📣 The surprising result that basolateral amygdala has a more crucial role in learning meaningful changes in the reward environment than orbitofrontal cortex. Check our paper to find out how! 🤓 #neuroscience #CompNeuro jneurosci.org/content/early/20

Why is the SFN itinerary planner so bad? I spent some time this morning adding things awkwardly, and now I have downloaded the mobile app and it doesn't sync?!??!

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