Someone got mad at me for using CC-BY-NC because it was a "nonfree license." Not like it stops them in practice, but now that all CC-BY are being harvested for LLMs i think I was right.

There 1 week to apply for the PhD studentship in my lab (4 years, paid as an RA, fees at UK rate) to contribute to understanding how the brain constructs auditory space.

Post will require great coding skills so background in engineering, datasciences or neuroscience is ideal!

#datascience #neuroscience #PhdStudentship

In press! 📣 The surprising result that basolateral amygdala has a more crucial role in learning meaningful changes in the reward environment than orbitofrontal cortex. Check our paper to find out how! 🤓 #neuroscience #CompNeuro

Why is the SFN itinerary planner so bad? I spent some time this morning adding things awkwardly, and now I have downloaded the mobile app and it doesn't sync?!??!

Anyone coming to #sfn? Come along to our @brainglobe poster on Wednesday afternoon, or get in touch to chat about BrainGlobe or any of our other projects (

#SfN2023 #Neuroscience

Do you want to do a postdoc in London at the fabulous @SWC_Neuro ?

Do you have expertise in rodent behavior, neurophysiology and/or imaging?

Are you interested in economics? decision-making? Multiplayer games?

Get in touch! I will be at SFN and would love to come to your poster/talk.

please boost and forward to anyone who might be interested.

#Nature Neural signal propagation atlas of Caenorhabditis elegans "23,433 pairs of neurons across the head of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. Signal propagation differs from model predictions that are based on anatomy. Extrasynaptic signalling not visible from anatomy contributes to this difference. Extrasynaptically released neuropeptides serve a similar function to that of classical neurotransmitters. Both synaptic and extrasynaptic signalling drive neural dynamics on short timescales."

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Jonny Lovelace, Jingrui Ma, ... and Vinny Augustine discovered the vagal pathway underlying fainting, really exciting work, summarized here: , full paper here: (I helped a little w/ neural analyses)

When the mouse faints, its eyes roll back and most neurons across the brain *shut off completely* (at yellow line in first figure, shows one example #neuropixels recording). But neurons in the hypothalamic PVZ increased their firing during this time period (first group in the second figure). These neurons were causally implicated: inhibition increased fainting duration while excitation increased arousal.

#neuroscience #syncope #fainting #vagal #discovery

Hi everyone!

The BrainGlobe Initiative exists to facilitate the development of interoperable Python-based tools for computational neuroanatomy, particularly in model organisms.

For more details please see or chat with us at


@jonny In auto-pi-lot do you ever run into a situation where a zmq request is not replied to? and things get stuck? I took a look in and couldn’t tell if you do some time of timeout and message handling.

I’m asking because I’m thinking of re-writing part of our infrastructure to use REQ/REP zmq calls (which are now local function calls. this would be the first step in moving away from Matlab)..

Closing application date coming soon (Oct 30th) for this 3-year #Postdoc position in the lab of @katejjeffery, now in Glasgow!

“on the neural processing of space and direction in freely behaving rodents”

#NeuroJob #JefferyLab #Electrophysiology #Neuroscience

Sainsbury Wellcome Centre  
Looking to launch your career in neuroscience? Apply to join our 2024 PhD programme at SWC: 🧠 World-class training in systems neuroscience 💰 Fully-...

Surprisingly, the block prior was represented by few neurons in very few regions. To investigate this further, we devoted a whole companion paper to it, where additional analyses discovered widespread representations of the prior. (7/8)

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We are excited to present a Brain-Wide Map of neural activity during a complex decision-making behavior, a product of the monumental effort of 22 labs: 547 Neuropixels recordings in 267 brain regions from 115 mice collected in 11 labs 🐭 (1/8)

🚨We have an open position for a research assistant in systems #neuroscience! Please, check the attachment for details. Reposts are welcome 🙂

Is food addiction real? Apparently if it is “ultra-processed”

As Van Tulleken explains, “Addictive products are not addictive for everyone. Almost 90% of people can try alcohol and not develop a problematic relationship; many can try cigarettes, or even cocaine.” Equally, not everyone who eats UPFs will become addicted – but, based on current studies, one in seven will. “Many UPFs for many people are addictive,” Van Tulleken summarises. “And when people experience food addiction, it is almost always to UPF products.”

Excited to share our _open access_ paper in Nature Neuroscience investigating the role of the rat frontal and parietal cortices in economic decisions under risk.

We found that silencing the frontal orienting field (FOF) in rat secondary motor cortex increased risk-aversion and we could decode the value of the lottery on each trial from the population activity of the FOF.


p.s. We are looking to hire a postdoc to work in mice models of economic (esp. strategic) decisions. Message me if you will be at SFN and would be interested in working at the amazing @SWC_Neuro

I was wondering what right now must feel like for the Israelis that have been fighting the Netanyahu government and/or pushing for an end to hostilities with the Palestinians. The visceral pain of the brutal terrorism Israel experienced has to conflict with the awareness of the inevitably brutal response that is happening/coming. That tension must be unbearable.

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