@jmw150 IDK how you mathematicians do it. I got bored like 6 slides into his presentation


The essence of what makes people interested in new stuff is that it is in context of what they already know and like. I feel like I have gallobs of algebra lore that makes this more interesting.

This presenter does lack the ability to tell a consistently good story though. But at least the pictures are nice. Lol

@jmw150 yeah, I guess I understand that. like I recall reading all of "The Be File System" and being rapt with attention, but also knowing it's only relatable because I had had a systems course the year prior.

it's also something that has always eluded me with...I guess you'd call it formal mathematics--basically, math for math's sake. a bunch of the structures don't stick in my head because I can't ground them in things I can use for something other than more math. parametric curves? no problem: I can use those to draw smooth curves and surfaces for 3d modeling. lie algebras? ...static

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