The new internet is a lot more corporate than innovative. I am kind of tired of fortune 500 tech companies to be honest.

@jmw150 cough cough COUGH!

* T R Y D I FF E R E N T * L I N K S* ***********


Neat. Thanks freeschool.

I almost ripped this video to a personal mp4 and uploaded to peertube. But I am glad there is a working open source front end, so I do not have to.


Use less caps though. I am already feeling too old for quickly changing tech stack. I am not going to keep up to date on everything, because my work is more theoretical and consumes all of my time. :blobcatmegumin:

Forgive me.

And without making it too personal, it is the holding of personal principles and finding a way that is my biggest want.

The rest below is extending the above so if it's not for you read later...

I'm just on my own thing I guess... where people should find another way if they are really sick of it or do le$$.
Because they are tired or not wanting to push a flow of people to exactly corporate people... then don't use what bad short-cut others give.
I don't get how people wanna use bad candy and then rot their teeth on it.
The will not to use or not even to try too hard.

I'm personally seeing this as the work. I sure hope your work is worth it.
Some of the 'work' people are doing are questionable for me.
I hear you're saying your older and almost too busy / consumed.... and yet have time for youtube perhaps.

So again forgive me, and neutrally I say people are also digging wrong holes or in their forever work (lol after this I'll have to go look at your page so that's good and you can allow me the not knowing and ranting a bit)

Actually the fact that people these things and say them in the same sentence is proof enough.
don't worry you're not the only one on QOTO and there are others even doing it 'for the cause'...

Moving on I guess to better ways... (and to your profile :D to hopefully eat my words and see what great stuff you're upto)

Maybe your work is also part of the problem / in need of balance if it consumes all your time.

Not meaning to put the boot in but 'work' and 'workaholism' is very much prevalent and a common source for 'not having time' when you have years ahead of you... plenty of resources around... just need to stop working so hard.

So this work can also be misdirecting people / going all-in / benefiting the gov system mostly.

I do respect your time... No need for reply.
Just when I see how people use things that work for everyone a lot more... when they are using corporate stuff less... then I can respect it more... which isn't an easy ask perhaps.

It's also about self-respect how much you don't work (or work on a variety of things). Once you're in to something it's hard to come out... and I guess like kids we're still constantly learning that...

I have no idea how it is for you so mostly for the reader.


I am a free person. I do not have to work horrible hours.

I find more value in my math and philosophy pursuits, personally and its long term benefit to others, over software applications.

But that is a benefit of social platforms like this. Other people, like yourself, can specialize in other things, and keep each other current.

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