Can anyone explain to me why I cannot bike through a drive through to get my food? No wonder this country is so morbidly obese: we actively penalize people for trying to accomplish basic tasks in a way that doesn't guzzle gas like a frat party guzzles kegs. This is ridiculous.

@johnabs that's a good question. In Germany I have seen most forms like bicycle, scooter, skateboard, or even sometimes just by foot.

@barefootstache I'm seriously considering a trip to Europe (Netherlands, Germany, and maybe a few other places) this summer to see what my options are...I just want to be in a quiet area with little pollution that's walkable (oh, and with fiber internet for my job lol). Unfortunately, in the US you can pick 2 (maybe only 1).

@johnabs good internet and quiet in Germany is unimaginable. Sadly they bet on the wrong technology in the 90s. Germany is a couple decades behind on internet speeds compared to the other countries in Europe. Probably Austria would be a better fit.

@johnabs little pollution and walkable is a standard in most European cities. Public transportation is great compared to the States. A car is basically not needed unless you choose on going somewhere way in the outback, which probably would have poor internet.

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