So Windows decided to "update" when I was in the middle of a 20hr simulation....Whoever decided this can happen without your consent needs to be drawn and quartered.

I'm not a great artist, so someone else will have to draw them, but I can go to the bank and get 100$ in quarters.


Your research group does not have a server?

Never really got into Windows myself.

@jmw150 We have access to the Purdue servers, but getting Julia packages installed is a nightmare (weird curl issues) so I just decided to run it on my desktop instead.

@johnabs @jmw150 what abouta local (to your account) Julia installation? That is how I have approached things in the past.

@sturgman @jmw150 I tried, but there are some funky curl issues with pulling the packages. I have a local installation on my home directory that works, and it's in my path, but installing certain packages from the registry just fails. :/

@johnabs @jmw150 ah! I see. That is unfortunate. Really makes the work harder than it needs to be.

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