I went snailhunting this morning. There are way too many snails and slugs. 😒

I wish them the most gruesome death for trying to kill my garden.

@trinsec You can set up an "electric fence" for snails using a (I think) 9V battery. Its just 2 wires that are about half the length of the snails body apart, as they try to cross both, they keep getting a jolt and eventually leave.

Alternatively: go get some ducks. They will eat every last snail they can find! They're used in Asia to keep snails off of rice fields, and in the US on other staple crops and veggies. :blobcat3c:

@johnabs Nice thought, but a fence's not really practical, or I need to spend a fortune on copper wire. ;) And even then those plants have leaves that act like wonderful bridges, bypassing any fence.

And ducks won't survive for long in this cat-infested neighbourhood.

Now if only cats could hunt snails...


@trinsec You can use aluminum wire instead, which is much cheaper. Here's a link of an actual "tutorial" just to make sure you're not interested :3 hackaday.com/2017/06/29/an-ele

Also, that just means you have to get your pruning game on! BONSAI THESE BAD BOYS (you know, just without the miniaturizing part).

Or, you could get a dog to protect the ducks which are protecting the garden...but then you'll need something to protect the dog, hmm...🤔 I think it will be a guarden instead of a garden in no time.

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