What’s with US people and their weird obsession with A/C and ice cubes?

I'm of the opinion that AC isn't healthy for us in most circumstances. I don't use AC much in the summer so I wake up drenched but I'm more acclimated to the heat. I try to not let the temperature rise above 27C. Newtonian Heating/Cooling. Outside it can be around 35C and 70% humidity.
AC is necessary as heat waves can kill. A week ago it was 40.6C with the Heat Index at 45C. The human body can survive and thrive in extreme environments but it takes approximately 2 months to adjust fully.

The short answer to the question is that it isn't possible to have comfortable or safe temperatures without AC unless one would like to go 2 or 3 meters underground. Ice cubes help get a drink from the temperature of urine to room temperature faster.

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