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2020 is more than a day old, and I still haven't seen any of those flying cars.

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Legend of the Flying Dutchmen comes from a yellow fever infected ship that was repeatedly denied port until all on board died. The ship is forced to sail endlessly manned by a ghost crew & can nvr mk port

PS: This wouldn't hv happened if the Dutch were not greedy colonizers

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that slave ships were trailed by sharks that quickly learned that slaves were so routinely thrown overboard- with many dying from yellow fever.

SO MANY SLAVES were "thrown to the sharks" (also led to origin of that phrase) that it changed sharks' migratory patterns. Some types of sharks still follow the transatlantic slave trade route 

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Also, even if there was a "skip" option for facial recognition by Xhaayos, this is NOT OK.

1. There's no info on their data usage so it is NOT informed consent

2. Most ppl don't know risks of giving facial data, so portraying this only as a convenience is disingenuous from chaayos

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4. We don't know what kind of other data this facial info is being linked to. We don't know what kind of info this data will be compared with from other external databases
5. Biometric info is a permanent username+password. Should not be used.
6. This is sensitive personal info. What kind of data security practices does Chaayos have in place?

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. @Chaayos doing facial recognition instead of OTP. I took this video today.

1. No terms&conditions displayed
2. Consent isn't real when there's no opt out option
3. We don't know if chaayos will sell this data/gives itself the right to

More 👇

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People! Newslaundry is hiring!!

If you are a techie who can work in a fast-paced environment, have enough knowledge of HTML/CSS and Javascript, we're looking for you!

Send your applications to


-How to use ReactJS to build a front end application
-ES6 functionality, including concepts like promises and async/await
-Git and Version Control
-Knowledge of working with APIs
-Understanding of backend structures

Pls boost!
#Jobs #India

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Rajya Sabha is dealing with an existential crisis.

This is what is listed for discussion today. Like... wow.


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I just setup something cool for you! It's called #Halcyon, it's a web browser desktop client that looks like #Twitter!

And the best thing is, you can login with you're #Mastodon account :mastodon:

Login with your username @ the instance that you are on, for example: ""

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Kashmir - An Artisan soap as complicated and layered as #Kashmir. -

The design of this soap will keep changing as you use it and new layers are revealed - do see the photos of the making in the link.

I poured heart and soul into this soap. It is expensive, but whether you buy or not, do check out the page. Read description, see photos of the inside. Would mean a lot to me that it reached you.

Let us not forget Kashmir.

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I've been asking people around me what is holding them from using Mastodon (even after some of them joined), and I got 4 reasons:

1) Not many people here
2) Can't find people here even if they're here
3) It looks very complicated, especially the instances thing
4) Doesn't seem too different from Birdsite so why bother

For people to adopt this platform, these four points need to be addressed. And that too in ultra-simple non-nerdy language.

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Hi mastadon friends: this is some of my work. Please hire me to take photos like this! You can see more on my website at

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I made the heavens, the earth, the universe and everything in it in six days. Six. Fuckin. Days. I was working on a tight schedule. Might have forgotten to install a couple of things. Like Justice.

Go easy on me.

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For the #India new mastodon users specially, will you be interested in a weekly #digitalsecurity office hour where I will be taking questions about security and #privacy here and answer / demo over both video + on toots? Please boost for more reach

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