A short video of sunset last evening seen from my office at (5th floor of the Gould-Simpson building).

Yarrow’s Spiny Lizard seen on a gorgeous Spring day close to General Hitchcock campground, Mt. Lemmon in the .

Nerdy details: we show using of (δ¹³C) and (δ¹⁸O) that **ONLY** Miliolida benthic foraminifera (including , , & - pictures attached) found **ONLY** in sediments proximal to methane hydrates (site U1446 is in the NW Bay of Bengal) contain wildly negative δ¹³C signatures characteristics associated with methane dynamics in marine sediments. Check out those δ¹³C values!!

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🚨🚨New Paper Alert🚨🚨

We have a new paper out in Earth & Planetary Science Letters () entitled “Indian margin methane hydrate dissociation recorded in the carbon isotopes of benthic (Miliolida) foraminifera”

Main take home message: we have identified a group of (unicellular organisms living at the bottom of the ) whose shell chemistry carries signatures of dynamics within .

Link to paper: sciencedirect.com/science/arti

New paper out by @willerstorfi et al. in documenting the evaluation of planktic foraminiferal Na/Ca as a proxy for ocean salinity using plankton tows, sediment traps, and core tops: sciencedirect.com/science/arti?

Take home message: looks like this proxy can be quite complex due to varying Na-bearing phases of the foraminiferal calcite, even though the Na/Ca in some of these phases may be strongly correlated to salinity. The authors conclude instead that due to the effect of [CO₃²⁻], foraminiferal Na/Ca over Cenzoic timescales may be a better proxy for major ion chemistry than salinity changes in the ocean.

Chalk another one up for the ever-charismatic universa - this time as 's classic, From Mars to Sirius.

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