A short video of sunset last evening seen from my office at (5th floor of the Gould-Simpson building).

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resembling (resurrecting a 🧵 from the birdsite).

A classic to begin with - Orbulina universa as ’s Altars of Darkness

Yarrow’s Spiny Lizard seen on a gorgeous Spring day close to General Hitchcock campground, Mt. Lemmon in the .

@TheMetalDog A fantastic album!! Although, admittedly I think I am slightly more partial to The Politics of Ecstasy.

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Map showing which climate element was most unusual in winter (Dec-Feb) 2022-23. I looked at high snowfall, warm anomalies, cold anomalies, wet anomalies, dry anomalies, cloudy anomalies, and uncloudy anomalies. The period of analysis is the last 50 winters and whichever element had the highest rank (most uncommon) was mapped. @AlaskaWx

Nerdy details: we show using of (δ¹³C) and (δ¹⁸O) that **ONLY** Miliolida benthic foraminifera (including , , & - pictures attached) found **ONLY** in sediments proximal to methane hydrates (site U1446 is in the NW Bay of Bengal) contain wildly negative δ¹³C signatures characteristics associated with methane dynamics in marine sediments. Check out those δ¹³C values!!

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🚨🚨New Paper Alert🚨🚨

We have a new paper out in Earth & Planetary Science Letters () entitled “Indian margin methane hydrate dissociation recorded in the carbon isotopes of benthic (Miliolida) foraminifera”

Main take home message: we have identified a group of (unicellular organisms living at the bottom of the ) whose shell chemistry carries signatures of dynamics within .

Link to paper: sciencedirect.com/science/arti

@OceanAndClimate It's still cool & rainy out here past the ides of March this year - we'll take it!

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New paper out by @willerstorfi et al. in documenting the evaluation of planktic foraminiferal Na/Ca as a proxy for ocean salinity using plankton tows, sediment traps, and core tops: sciencedirect.com/science/arti?

Take home message: looks like this proxy can be quite complex due to varying Na-bearing phases of the foraminiferal calcite, even though the Na/Ca in some of these phases may be strongly correlated to salinity. The authors conclude instead that due to the effect of [CO₃²⁻], foraminiferal Na/Ca over Cenzoic timescales may be a better proxy for major ion chemistry than salinity changes in the ocean.

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Tuesday - greatly enjoying using Anonymous Pro (marksimonson.com/fonts/view/an) these days for most text entry (DayOne/Obsidian etc.) Preference for using fixed width fonts has increased over the years…

@atthenius Haha I guessed that - was curious about the metal though! Also legendary lab mates there; I know Tom M is a big metal fan! Trip out to Az in order to get you nostalgic about picking? 😅

@atthenius Thanks! What kind of metal are you into? I generally find drone (or audiobooks) to be most fitting for picking 😁

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