Is it possible to proxy my Fediverse identity?

I don't want to run my own instance, but I also want my identity to be instance independent. For example, if I was, but my actually presence remained hosted by Qoto. I believe this would require Qoto to be able to publish my posts under my domain rather than @acjay.

Does this concept exist on any instances?

Note that many email providers allow this under their "custom domain" functionality

@acjay good question. An answer would do much to reduce number of Lines of Code. Im the wrong guy for an answer but would you tell me /tag me if you get one please? Interested in the idea of one funnel for product.


@acjay You could maybe jury-rig something like this in mastodon if you have a cooperative admin. As a sketch of the solution:

You set up webfinger on to forward to QOTO. The admin here adds to ALTERNATE_DOMAINS in the config.

Then if you mention it should redirect to your account, but I don't think you'd be able to make your outgoing toots appear as if they were from that domain.

When you want to take your identity elsewhere, you point's webfinger at the new site.

If you try this, let me know how it works!


@khird @lavenderlens Yeah, having toots appear as would be a big part of what would make this worthwhile.

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