@freemo could you please look at the 2FA setup for the Nextcloud server when you get a chance? It gave me a weird message that 2FA was configured but not enabled, so I can't log in except with recovery codes (of which I have only a limited number); and now that I'm logged in, I don't see any settings to reset or disable it. Thanks!

@khird How urgent is it? I may have some time tomorrow evening to check it out, please remind me in a day or two as i might forget and will have more time but ill try to remember.

@freemo it's not especially urgent - a day or two would be a comfortable timeframe, and a week workable. My concern is that if I have to keep using up my recovery codes to access it, I'll eventually lock myself out completely. I don't expect that to happen within a week.

@khird You can generate new recovery codes... but ill take a look soon if i dont forget, keep bugging me as i have a lot on my plate and dont want to forget to do it.

@freemo could you please screenshot where the option to generate new codes is? I went hunting through the settings menus but couldn't find anything. If there's a workaround like that available, then I can manage as-is indefinitely and you can tackle the underlying problem at your leisure.

@khird Off hand I have no idea, I just assume there must be a way... ill look around...

@freemo Hi just following up here - I'm still unable to log into Nextcloud using 2FA. Here's a screenshot of the error message I get, in hopes it may be useful.

@khird Ok ill check within the hour, thanks for reminding.

@khird This is strange.. Not only do i see no where in my personal settings to activate or turn off 2fa, I also cant find anyway to edit it for other users from the admin interface... ill do some checking in the documentation.


Were you using TOTP, U2F, or Yubikey based 2-factor?

Seems the issue is the plugins needed updating but U2F and Yubikey are deprecated now but I manated to get TOTP back up.

If you were using TOTP you should be good now and will see it in your settings again. If you used one of the others let me know and I will continue to debug.

Please let me know if this worked for you.

@freemo okay, thanks! I was using TOTP, and it lets me log in partway now (I get blocked at a screen saying the instance is in maintenance mode, which I assume is related to your fix). I expect once you've finalised your process it should be working as expected for me.

@khird I am updating various plugins which is possibly putting it in maintanence mode. I stopped updated, can you try now?

@freemo yes, I'm in and I can access my files. Thank you very much!

@khird Great, i will finish updating the plugins so will be down for about 5 minutes.

@freemo I know you have it working now - but in case it matters, my username there is also khird. My login credentials are email + password, so I never had my username memorised and couldn't recall if it was khird or kyle.

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