Just upgraded multiple nodes on my home network to the new @OpenWrt version... and nothing broke. I did my homework and tried to avoid known pitfalls, sure - but that never happens. It feels like the laws of nature are suspended today.


I love OpenWRT... sadly not running it right now but it is wonderfully done!


@freemo it's great, for sure. I just have a funky network setup on account of some physical and historical limitations of the property. So I generally expect that, at some point, I'm going to have a segment of the network become unreachable until I go over with a patch cable and reconfigure some setting that got overwritten or needs to be renamed for the new version or whatever. My upgrade plan succeeding without any such contingencies feels very strange.

@khird Its just so powerful you can do just about anything at enterprise level for 20$... its amazing. I myself used to love the QoS feature.

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