Both parties have held the debt ceiling hostage as a political tool. For example, in 2011, the Republicans did it. But in 2013, the Republicans did it. On the other hand, this year it is the Republicans who are doing it.

@macroliter @freemo It's likely not a legit poll. Elon was at the World Cup today, and his investors purportedly indicated that he should find a suitable CEO and step back.

One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about moving to Mastodon is the sharing of gorgeous #photography. I’m a #photographer who enjoys capturing #nature. Before my #EDS diagnosis, I used to hike, especially over the summer of 2015, when my husband & I drove cross-country to experience all the beauty America has to offer. I miss those days, but I love that I can relive them through the eyes of so many others. #twittermigration

The Watchman at Zion National Park and the Milky Way, July 2015

@Kipruss3 @parkermolloy It's extortionate, because if you pay Twitter's fees, then you can post the links.

It’s an accident of history that social media came to be walled gardens while web and email services did not. Post (and sites in that model) are plantations that enrich the owners, and impart platform risk to users.

Companies and media outlets in particular should consider establishing their own Mastodon/ActivityPub instances that they can control and ultimately monetize/drive revenue with as needed.

The notion a VC backed platform has creators’ best interests at heart is specious.

I'm delighted by all the goodies and benefits I happened into on mine here at qoto. The starting text block is at 64K, which is huge in comparison to most, for example. The description page at will give you a rundown, and I think you'll be pleased and surprised by the list of features.

Despite the recent enormous surge in activity and memberships, the server is still speedy (as is the administration). I've had zero trouble with any unpleasant characters lurking about. The management is pro-active in handling issues quickly. The underlying reason for its existence is as a science and science education instance, so there are many intelligent and well-spoken folks about.

Even though there are now over 25,000 users, the admin is reachable and responsive.

Hope you check us out!

Craig Mazin sensibly left Twitter at the end of October, but I'm hoping to convince him to join Mastodon, particularly with the premiere of The Last of Us coming up.

FRIENDS: We are MeidasTouch, the unapologetically pro-democracy organization many of you know from Twitter, YouTube and elsewhere.

With the chaos at Twitter, we want to build our platform here on Mastodon to make sure we can continue to spread our message.

Can you please BOOST this post, FOLLOW our account and encourage your followers to do the same?

@BE I've been thinking about this and keep coming back to the fact that this is how life for much of humanity used to be before the advent of vaccines and antibiotics and modern medicine in general. Most people were sick and miserable all the time, and it shortened their lives substantially.

@BE My spouse and I have been very cautious. We don't have kids, we don't have people over, we don't seek out social gatherings. At work, in stores, at medical offices, we at least wear surgical masks. He's had to travel some recently and wore a KN95 the whole time. Neither of us have ever tested positive.

Our parents are all in their 70s and 80s. His parents (older) are basically hermits and haven't had it. My parents are low-to-medium social and have each had it once, incredibly mild (like 6 hrs of symptoms and then done). They wear cloth masks indoors in public, made according to the best materials and construction I could come up with based on the literature at the time. They visit their out-of-state grandkids around once a month except during the winter. So far, they don't seem any the worse for wear. No new conditions, no cognitive impairments that I can discern.

My sib and sib-in-law are both university professors and have one kid in primary school and another one in pre-K. The little one tested positive once, but nobody else in the house did. This was another case of a day or less of symptoms followed by a quick return to evident health. Since 2019ish, the kids have each had one pretty severe bout of influenza, and they both had RSV earlier this season. They try to keep everybody in masks when they're in a crowded public place, but that's hard with the littles and so few other people reinforcing the behavior. They are also not ragingly social, but they have the added risk of swim lessons and dance lessons and track meets and such.

Spouse's sib & family are extremely isolated - they live in a rural area, the kids (tweens) are homeschooled, sib doesn't work (but has an MD), and the spouse is WFH about 50% of the time. They recently had covid go through the house and are still recovering.

All of the adults in this cohort are chemists, engineers of varying stripes, or medical doctors. We all take this very seriously, and nobody is under the illusion that the pandemic is "over." Some people's precautions have loosened a little (see also: children), but nobody has gone completely pre-pandemic.

I feel like we've been exceedingly lucky. We're all *aware* that we've been exceedingly lucky, and we're not inclined to tempt fate. Most of the people I know who had it once have re-upped their mask game and avoided repeat infection. I think we're all grateful to mostly be raging introverts who don't go out very much.

@TheMorrigan @AnneTheWriter Lock, yes, but *not* delete. If they delete their accounts, their usernames go back into circulation.

@TheMorrigan @AnneTheWriter Whether the accounts are used or not, people DO need to keep them, especially if they had any kind of following. Otherwise, the username will go back into circulation in 30 days, and they could be impersonated.

If you are on a smaller server and like to follow #hashtags, I recommend also following the same hashtag 𝘰𝘯 𝘒 𝘭𝘒𝘳𝘨𝘦𝘳 π˜ͺ𝘯𝘴𝘡𝘒𝘯𝘀𝘦 via #RSS. In other words, follow (e.g.)[hashtag].rss in an RSS reader.

When you follow hashtags, the federated nature of Mastodon means you'll miss some qualifying posts from other instances. Tracking the same hashtag from a different instance than your home instance allows you to cast a broader net and miss fewer posts.

@Kitchi @ablackcatstail @kbsez @dangillmor See also: Musk's behavior over the last few weeks. He's already lost half his ad revenue, and he's expressed a specific desire to eliminate the rest of it by moving to a subscription model. If you don't pay up, no one will ever see your tweets. This is a difficult business model to ask the resistance to operate in, no?

@Kitchi @ablackcatstail @kbsez @dangillmor When the wealthiest man in the world takes over the voice of the resistance, the resistance is going to have to find another place to put their voice. Twitter isn't safe to use for this purpose anymore.

@prof_goldberg I'm profoundly sorry that this is the reality that we live in. Is there a platform out there where you would feel safe doing an AMA? Given that the demise of the bird site has me changing up my social media footprint, I would like to look at options where people feel (relatively) safe to express themselves.

They should call themselves β€œalfalfa males” because everything about them is pretty much eventually horseshit.

β€œThe false specter of child abuse has long been a way for anti-L.G.B.T.Q. campaigns to attract β€œpeople who otherwise would not join what they consider a homophobic movement,” said Eric Gonzaba, an assistant professor of American studies at California State University, Fullerton, and co-chair of the Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History.”

Feat @esqueer β€” thank you.

What I want for Christmas this year.. :blobcatchristmastree: 

@marie_cast @stux Here's how you know that's a load of malarkey. If Putin stops fighting, there's no more war. If Ukraine stops fighting, there's no more Ukraine. This war is not existential for Vlad. He's a canny old KGB operative who is more than capable of landing on his feet if he backs out of this trainwreck.

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