I have just mathematically proven that you gotta be pessimistic to be effective.*

*might be a slightly unjustified interpretation of the result


@timorl I don't think you have to be pessimistic, but more like just prepared for the worst case scenario.
There's a difference.


Might suffice to imagine the worst case scenario like taught in stoicism and act accordingly.


@barefootstache @kohelet Uh, this was really about a mathematical model, one that is slightly too simplified to justify even vague interpretations like this. I don’t think it applies to the real world, even if your attempts to make it apply have some merit.

@timorl @barefootstache @kohelet
Would it be a pessimistic thing to do (within the constraints of the model) to believe that this model describes the real world accurately enough to base our actions on it?

@krzyz The model is not sophisticated enough to allow for self-reference, but I like the way you are thinking. :D @barefootstache @kohelet

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