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Excited that registration opens soon for the Park City Epilepsy Meeting - to be held again this year from Oct 15-17th. Check out our speakers at Travel awards too!

From my #EEGManyLabs colleagues (Yuri and Faisal). Please share widely...

Thanks to funding from the UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council we are pleased to be able to advertise for two posts.

The first advert is for a Scientific Coordinator (36 months, 1.0 FTE) to help support our >200-strong community of replicating labs, curate the large datasets that are being acquired so that future researchers can gain maximum value from them and perform meta-analyses to provide a complete picture of the replicability of the most influential EEG phenomena. You can apply for the role here:

The second is for a Research Fellow (33 months, 1.0 FTE) who can help us leverage the legacy of #EEGManyLabs through open-source tools and resources that make it easier to undertake robust EEG experiments. Details here:

All applications require online submission through the links above. Applications for both positions will close on 13th July (midnight UK time).

The positions will be based at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom in beautiful Yorkshire.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with Faisal Mushtaq via

#neuroscience #OpenScience #Replication #reproducibility

“It starts to look a little bit more like indentured servitude rather than actual human capital investment.”

Many people from lower income backgrounds, parents, and more simply can’t afford to do a postdoc, robbing academia of that diversity.

Watch Trump lie, lie, lie, lie, while floundering around like a beached fish on sizzling sand.


The irony of the right-wing shouting about 'free speech' while simultaneously demanding censorship of any ideas that challenge their fragile beliefs is truly a masterpiece of hypocrisy.


Looking for #neuroscience? Or #Celegans? or #Drosophila? Or #connectomics? Or #brains, #entomology, #academia, #nativebees? Different place, different approaches – tags here are useful and can be followed.

For accounts, @PhiloNeuroSci selects and comments on neuroscience papers; @eLife and @PLOSBiology publish their papers and digests.

@NicoleCRust challenges us all often; @matrig and @kristinmbranson publish at the intersection of neuroscience and computer science; John @tuthill, @BorisBarbour, Jason Shepherd @jasonsynaptic , @mtarr @gepasi, @cian, @schoppik, @MatteoCarandini, Dan Goodman @neuralreckoning, Bryan @BWJones, @achterbrain, @CoriBargmann and many others publish on neuroscience among other topics.

On open access and #ScientificPublishing there's Stephen Eglen @sje, Stephen Royle @clathrin

I am living many out ... the list is long. One way to find them is via tags like #neuroscience.

Big accounts like Doctorow @pluralistic, @Carl_Zimmer, @jwz, and @timkmak are here too. There are many more.

There are useful bots like, for me, @flypapers – I wish I could filter for neuro-only papers, but the volume isn't high. Then there're neuroscience-specific servers like and – their local timelines may reveal further accounts you may like.

Discovering and overcoming disparities in cardiology care: @uofuhealth PharmDs Joshua Jacobs and Adam Bress share insights from their JAMA Cardiology study.

Discover the resources we offer for researchers at U of U Health! Visit our site to experience our commitment to fostering innovation, collaboration, state-of-the-art facilities, and dedicated support.

Especially thinking of all members of the #lgbtq community in #uganda today. May you know freedom and peace. We see you 🩷🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈🧡 #pridemonth

Another picture of Grizzly #863, also known as Felicia, leads her two cubs to the side of a rural road outside of Grand Teton National Park as they contemplate crossing a rural road. The sow kicked the cubs, or separated from them a few days later as they are two year olds and need to live life on their own. Felicia #grizzly#863 #Felicia #bearcubs #grizzlycubs #grizzlies #wildlife #wildlifephotography #aYearforArt #bearfamily

Let me be clear.

I will not agree to a deal with House Republicans that protects billions in subsidies for Big Oil while putting the health care of 21 million Americans at risk.

Or that protects wealthy tax cheats while putting food assistance at risk for 1 million Americans.

How fucking weak is your political party that your favorite punching bag is a 10 year old kid in a dress

"It actually doesn't take much to be considered a difficult woman. That's why there are so many of us." -- Jane Goodall
#JaneGoodall #Quote

“Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'”

Isaac Asimov, born on this day in 1920

#IsaacAsimov #knowledge #democracy #education #PayingAttention

Exciting times for the use of gene therapy in clinical disorders. Very glad to be in @UCLBrainScience to see all this happen close up.
RT @BritishNeuro
Final day already! @Newrotrash Dimitri Kullman giving a tour de force about using gene therapy in #epilepsy. #BNA2023

We're hiring a technician to work with me on information seeking in mice in the Axel lab @ZuckermanBrain. A great opportunity for graduates looking to gain lab experience and mentorship! Please share, and apply here: @ColumbiaScience @BUMPBiology #neuroscience

There are two openings in the Mechanistic Cognitive Neuroscience NeuroEngineering Team at #HHMIJanelia, for an electromechanical engineer and an optical engineer. Come develop new #engineering tools for #Neuroscience research. Janelia welcomes and values diversity, and encourages applications from people of all backgrounds, including people of color and members of groups traditionally underrepresented in science. (#FediHire, #FediHired)

Unlocking the secrets of memory: Join Jasmina Neudecker on #TerraXplore as she visits Tobias Bonhoeffer and his team. Don't miss it live on May 21st, 6:30 PM or catch it in the media library:

#memory #neuroscience #science #sciencemastodon #scienceshow #tv #tvshow #wisskomm #scicomm

"The power of research is real, and the work of our researchers is vital," says Erin Rothwell @uofuresearch @uutah

The University of Utah wants to build Utah stronger and better to face the challenges of the future through research

In Howard Address, Biden Warns of ‘Sinister Forces’ Trying to Reverse Racial Progress - The New York Times

President Biden declared on Saturday that white supremacy is “the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland” and warned a predominantly Black audience that “sinister forces” embraced by his predecessor and putative challenger are trying to reverse generations of racial progress in America.

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