How has the railroad industry fought off safety regulations and antitrust enforcement for so long?

I’ll give you a hint:

The industry has spent $646 million on federal lobbying over the past 20 years.

Always follow the money.

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This is a nice example of a high profile journal @NatureNeuro publishing an important failure to replicate several earlier high impact papers. Nice to see that the tide is turning on publication of important null results in neuroscience!

I'm not sure if people realize that Twitter collapsing will mean no more articles in newspapers that are just a collection of people tweeting about a particular topic as though that's what everyone's saying.

Twitter becoming irrelevant is going to be so awesome you have no idea

Glad to report they backed off and will move it to a 'study' of the need. sheesh.

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Time to toot. peeps. The Utah state legislature is trying to sneak in a bill (introduced on a saturday afternoon days before the close of the session) to ban EDI initiatives on public colleges and universities. So if you live in , join me in writing to the Governor and our legislators and tell them to vote no on .

The Haunting Brain Science of Long COVID:

Matt (24 years old): “I feel like I’m underwater. When you talk to me, I can hear you, but my doesn’t understand words. I can’t comprehend what you’re saying. I have no intellectual capacity to digest data.”

In this piece I wrote for STAT, I use science to raise awareness of a growing public health nightmare hiding in plain sight - Neuro-Long COVID. I unpack 20 relevant medical articles.

Check it out & stay safe.


A few weeks ago there was a discussion about the need for a #Mastodon instance dedicated to NGOs, nonprofits, and folks in the human rights space.

So I got to work with @happy and @gillo and created! We're admin'ing this instance together and we'll be maintaining it for the long term.

If you or your organization or someone you know is interested in creating an account, let me know. You can also request an account here:

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NEW: Since the Insurrection, Fortune 500 companies have given $36.3 million to members of the Sedition Caucus — with @ATT, @HomeDepot, and @LockheedMartin among the top corporate contributors during the 2022 election cycle.

More via @thehill:

And based on what's happened the past 48 hours on Twitter... think forward

Imagine - say - Washington Post revealed abuse of workers at a Tesla plant in Shanghai

What would happen?

Would it be dealt with fairly? Now I really doubt it. The reporter(s) would get blocked, and links to the story flagged.

Twitter is no longer a reliable and predictable place for news and the first take on the news.


Please amplify Susan’s request to This needs more daylight.

UnitedHealthcare: one of your underwriters is handing Susan ( a death sentence by not covering her treatment, against the judgement of her oncologist.

Fix it now.

Everyone with a conscience


Terrible news, Chethan Pandarinath posted on Twitter that Krishna Shenoy has died. He had long been battling cancer. A huge leader in the field, developing BCI and unraveling motor cortical dynamics, and as kind, generous, and gentle a soul as you could hope to meet.

anyone here stained brain tissue for glial markers like GFAP or Iba-1 and have a protocol they could share? The goal is to localize electrode tracks but any protocol for glia could work. TIA! #neuroscience #glia

Reminder: Raising the debt ceiling does not increase spending or the federal debt. It simply allows the government to pay bills it has already taken on. Know the truth.

The #brain floats in a sea of #fluid that cushions it against injury, supplies it with #nutrients and carries away waste. Disruptions to the normal ebb and flow of the fluid have been linked to #neurological conditions including #Alzheimer’s disease and #hydrocephalus, a disorder involving excess fluid around the brain.
#Medical #Neuroscience #sflorg

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