A miracle happened that day. Not, tragically, for the fallen but for many others saved as a result of this vet being there. Reminds me of the 1996 Dunblane shooter Thomas Hamilton who was late, held up in traffic, and aiming for morning assembly.

Good writeup on the guy who stopped the Club Q shooter.


@lavenderlens , I find myself terrified that the insane will discover how much more deadly spraying gasoline on people and tossing a match at them is. In the US, the largest school killing in our history was done that way. Club Q shows that if you use a gun, at least against adult, it can be taken from you and used to beat you to the point your mother won't recognize you.


@JonKramer moral of the story: always check to see if there are any vets in the room. PTSD beats evil, like some deadly version of rock, paper, scissors.

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