Finally someone else shares my views about The Banshees.

“It's as if someone fed every single cartoonish Irish stereotype into an AI website and said: 'Write a film about Ireland in the 1920s.'”

@lavenderlens I get those criticisms, but here me out
I see a country confident enough to claim a part of its history and present it (stereotypes or not) as a backdrop for a story that has universal resonance.
There's a lot of crappy films about England that have no reflection on the country I grew up in.
In common with many post-colonial nations, Ireland for too long was "not Britain" and has a stronger sense of identity than England does. That's a process that's ongoing.

@davoloid fair point Dave. At least it wasn’t meant to be present-day. One of my fave “Irish” films is by the English director Ken Loach: The Wind That Shakes The Barley.

@lavenderlens Oh yeah, that was the first movie I saw that showed me, as an English lad, that aspect. I must rewatch again some time, thanks for the reminder. Michael Collins also not bad.

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