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Welp, I'm giving another talk on satellite pollution so I have to update the numbers in my slides.

*checks and*

Oh crap, there are 150 more Starlinks than when I gave a talk on this topic 1 month ago.

3908 Starlink satellites out of 7545 total satellites.

52% of all sats now owned by one awful dude. Still with effectively no regulations. This is so bad.

Hello World!

Here's a little #introduction:

I'm a German web developer currently living the rural life in Spain making olive oil, breeding goats and growing vegetables.

Before that I spent 23 years in the UK, studying sound engineering, working at and then running a community radio station and volunteering at a #csa project 1/2

He enjoyed that moment of freedom before today… The Collar Of Shame 🐶 🤕

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I love it when all these types post pics of their flawless minimalist low lit colour coded water cooled mechanical keyboard curved monitor rising desk and Big Mic setups. I’m happy as a pig in proverbial with this. It does the job and leaves me enough desk space for the tea.

My intro: There's nothing very special or clever about me. I'm just an elderly woman who enjoys social interaction but only in an informal internet context. That is because, to be honest, I'm riddled with anxieties. Over the years I have been an artist, poet and musician as well as working commercially at graphic design. I have too many (dormant) websites to remember, but my only active online presence now is a blog. Married; owned by two cats; curious about almost everything.

They say that lightning never strikes twice... well thanks to the generous free API limit from it can strike up to 1k times a day in my demonstration weather app!

What a slammer of a @karinepolwart cover for an amazing Blue Nile song! I'm afraid I've been living under a stone when it comes to this Scots artist's body of work and am enjoying discovering.

Woman stunned by allotment donations - including from Gary Lineker. Her allotment was sabotaged, but why? Who could be so mindless as to destroy vegetables grown for struggling families?

Just finished Saison 3 Public Enemy: Book of Revelation on - super-creepy, strong recommend

Work. From. Home. It may be past normal office hours but it ain’t no normal office no more😎

Jeffrey Donaldson is saying repeatedly that the UK is Northern Ireland's biggest market. This infographic seems to say otherwise, if I'm not misreading it?

I'm nearly 70 years old. Many of my followers here are seniors, like me, or are at least middle-aged. Most of us are angry and probably grief-stricken about what human industry is doing to the biosphere.

But what must it feel like to be a young person in your teens or your twenties and be looking toward a future of near-certain disaster, the collapse of society, destruction of everything you hold dear? I can't imagine the pain.

It would be understandable if they reacted by simply giving up. Or perhaps by lashing out in anger. But some of them, showing incredible courage and determination, have formed movements to change what they can and save at least a vestige of the civilization they are inheriting.

Sophia Kianni, Vanessa Nakate, and Greta Thunberg (@gretathunberg), three of these young climate activists, recently posted an opinion piece at Common Dreams. Let's hear what they have to say...

President Joe Biden’s recent approval of the Willow Project in Alaska has alarmed many young people and once again made us question his seriousness about addressing the climate crisis before it is too late. As if that were not enough, the Biden administration is also auctioning off more than 73 million acres of waters in the Gulf of Mexico to offshore oil and gas drilling — double the size of the Willow Project if it goes ahead as planned. The President faced one of the greatest tests of his commitment to addressing climate change, and he failed.

Young people and members of marginalized communities are the ones who will bear the brunt of the consequences of the escalating climate emergency. The rubber-stamping of such projects sends a message not just to our generation but humanity as a whole: The future of our planet and the present well-being of frontline communities are being sacrificed for short-term economic gain and political expediency.

Scientists warn us that crossing the threshold of 1.5°C could trigger multiple climate tipping points, leading to irreversible and dangerous impacts with serious implications for humanity. The Willow Project, set to produce 600 million barrels of oil and generate roughly 278 million tons of carbon emissions, goes directly against the word of climate scientists.

As young people who will inherit a burning planet, we are gravely concerned about the long-term impact of the Willow Project and the precedent it sets for future decisions on climate and energy policy. We have said it before and we say it again: We need system change, not climate change. We need people in power who show real climate leadership, who will work with young people and stand by their promises.

That means stopping the Willow project and ensuring there can be no more of its kind. It is the only way to secure a livable planet for all. It is also a chance to listen to our generation and take the first important steps away from a broken political system where leaders care more about short-term political gain than our collective future.

"We need system change, not climate change." YES! 💯


#Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction #ClimateEmergency #CO2 #Emissions #Biden

“Teacher friends of mine have told me of their struggles with #ChatGPT. Some have had students turn in completely #AI-generated essays, but most have not. I suppose I’ll have to relearn how to trust my students, as well as believe that the work is interesting to them and that they want to learn and create things and not just get them done quickly.”

Since the cats’ flea treatments they’re allowed in. Guess that’s one more jumper for the wash😂

Thoroughly enjoyed watching The Life Ahead (dir: Edoardo Ponti, 2020)

Life with a dog is about 90% following each other around and wondering what the other is eating.

Quick Reactions to Art: Alison Moyet’s 2016 Reinterpretation of Yazoo’s ‘Only You’

The Yazoo singer transformed her 1982 synth-pop masterpiece during a fashion show.


#music #synthpop #eighties #eightiesmusic #popculture

All fixed thanks to the good folks on support at IMDb. Very quickly responded and gave me my own name page and updated the film’s credits and the wrong Alan Lavender’s credits as well. Cheers for also helping to @ianRobinson

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