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Just watched The Wildflower (dir:
Biodun Stephen 2022). Whilst I’m still recovering from such a stark harrowing treatment of a subject as old as time, I thought I’d take a few lines to give praise where praise is due. I think the Nigerian cast and crew should have by now won at least one gong for either writing or performances. Yeah it’s technically flawed. Especially the sound. Which seems like they couldn’t find a gain setting low enough to cope with the explosive motherly wisdom that was Toyin Abraham’s captivating performance. Irony was that possibly the strongest matriarch of the tightly knit ensemble cast met an unfortunate end at the hands of another type of abuse. So sad. And they always say they’re sorry and it’s the last time. Watch this but prepare to be moved. It has light and humour too and is a wonderful window into life in Lagos but by golly is it hard hitting. Literally.

Memory lane. What the iPhone iOS randomly throws at you. Used to hate it. Now love it, kinda. An AI’s idea of your scrapbook life.


So, I think I've dug as deeply into the #hachyderm drama as I need to, and settled on some conclusions.

* Most basically, the best insights came from seeing conversations on another platform: discord.

Admins from both sides were talking. And as it's a chat platform, the engagement and conversation was clearly more direct, free, expressive and clarifying.

If the fediverse wants to be the new internet, seriously, it needs to growup and move on from just microblogging.


Just finished a successful week delivering a mix of JavaScript and Java. Straight outside, in the sun, feet up. Cujo still wearing his Cone Of Shame 🐶🚑

We live in glorious times. I’m talking Alice Cooper re-releases. June 9th. In time for school. Being out. For summer, of course.

A current worry: The only people with existing deep expertise in things like how the atmosphere/ocean/geosphere work are academics, who are ace at giving impartial evidence-based advice. But as lots of climate “solutions” companies spring up, these academics are consulting with them & in some cases leaving academia to work for them (often much better pay & working conditions) & are then limited in what they can tell the rest of us. So the public source of open unbiased expertise is at risk.

We truly live in wonderful times.

IT News  
AT&T launches medical radar device that monitors older adults through walls - Image: AT&T / Cherish Medical AT&T has tea... - https...

1990s web experience

- Open site in browser
- Watch framework of site gradually appear
- Start reading site text
- View images once they load
- Click a hyperlink to more information on the thing you're looking for

2020s web experience

- Open site in browser
- Wait for Cloudflare to verify you aren't a bot
- Wait for background movie to load
- Dismiss cookie popup
- Decline to subscribe to their mailing list
- Decline to speak to a chatbot that promises it's a human
- Scroll infinitely looking for the information you want that's probably not there since it's all generated text intended for other robots to read anyway

Simone here. I've been a sound and web designer for more than 25 years. Professional bass player and producer, I've been juggling between creativity and technical jobs for decades.

I'm trying to go back to the videogame industry after a 5-year stint as lead sound designer for a console game. I was present at both the launch of Steam by Valve and Game Audio Network Guild, in San Jose, GDC 2002.

Passionate about the small web, static site generators and web standards.


Starships are meant to fly. 🚀🎵

IT News  
Green light go: SpaceX receives a launch license from the FAA for Starship - Enlarge / SpaceX's Booster 4 is lifted onto its orbital launch mount i...

Ole “52/100 satellites mcSatelliteFace”!

IT News  
Elon Musk's New Artificial Intelligence Business, X.AI, Incorporates in Nevada - The new organization’s name suggests link to the billionaire’s int...

Elon Musk's New Artificial Intelligence Business, X.AI, Incorporates in Nevada - The new organization’s name suggests link to the billionaire’s interest in an everything ... - #paid

Welp, I'm giving another talk on satellite pollution so I have to update the numbers in my slides.

*checks and*

Oh crap, there are 150 more Starlinks than when I gave a talk on this topic 1 month ago.

3908 Starlink satellites out of 7545 total satellites.

52% of all sats now owned by one awful dude. Still with effectively no regulations. This is so bad.

Hello World!

Here's a little #introduction:

I'm a German web developer currently living the rural life in Spain making olive oil, breeding goats and growing vegetables.

Before that I spent 23 years in the UK, studying sound engineering, working at and then running a community radio station and volunteering at a #csa project 1/2

He enjoyed that moment of freedom before today… The Collar Of Shame 🐶 🤕

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