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Remind you of anyone you know? I hope not! Just marvel in these highly evocative words from this American version of today’s psalter: Psalm 5:10

I asked ChatGPT to recommend some of “the most interesting articles written by the journalist Clive Thompson”

Of the nine it listed …

… seven were ones I hadn’t written, and a few didn’t exist at all, by anyone

One was a pastiche

Only one was truly correct

This performance is so unbelievably terrible it’s almost charitable to call it “bullshit”

My essay, showing ChatGPT’s responses:

A “friend” link in case you’re not a Medium subscriber:

A cryptobro DMed me to ask if I wanted to join his mailing list.

I spent slightly too long making this to send in reply.

This month's #newsletter is out now, featuring tourist tin-whistling terrorism, sampling Dublin's most famous dish, and that time Spider-Man took on the IRA. You can sign up for the next one here:

#Art #MastoArt #MastoDaoine

Going through some old audio cassettes and just listening to Tape Head Cleaner. Total rip off of John Cage.

Made with React, Tailwind, and Flowbite in a Vite app if you’re interested, with just a dash of native CSS Grid🙄

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I don’t care if the example code I’m building is about data fetching and sharing across components. The has to be of a minimal standard. to the fore!

...sort of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019) meets The Wrestler (2008)...

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Just had the great pleasure of viewing ’ The Space Between (2021, dir: Rachel Winter). I could go on about the 90s music business, of which I was a bit player myself, or of using Kelsey Grammer’s booming voice and ivory-tinkling abilities to the full in a highly effective collab with Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo, or the fact that the real daughter of a real life 90s and all time hall of fame pop icon wonderfully underplayed a wannabe climbing the greasy A&R pole with a character arc spiralling sharply downwards, in counterpoint to the rock star’s daughter, the eponymous Julia, who finally achieves emancipation from her past, but no. I won’t talk about any of that🤪 I’ll just say that in the age of multi-episode multi-season shows all vying for that elusive next series, this conventional hour and a half movie had characters, dialogue, and ensemble performances good enough to make me shed a tear, then, as the characters finally did, move on. Watch this.

with just got better behind my back. is a component library with all of the basic functionality of react-bootstrap for free (tiered pricing). Happy prototyping, dev friends!

I'm putting together a little interactive web dev with CSS and browser APIs course. What do you want to see in it?

So create-react-app is no longer maintained. React-router has changed all its methods. And RTK is preferred over Redux. They say things come in threes. Am I missing anything?

Still, this would have been impossible working in London.

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But it’s surprising how little time is left to get down the beach after coding.

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We’re lucky, living a ten minute drive from a 5 mile long Atlantic beach.

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