You are going to sit on the toilet while no one else is home. Do you close the door?

@levisan I live alone, and no one has a key to my house... so my answer was obviously no but im not sure im the audience you had in mind.

@freemo I thought of the question while sitting on the toilet while the wife and kids were gone, and realising that I had habitually closed (but not locked) the door behind me.

I suppose your habit-training levels are very different!

@levisan This is probably TMI but i literally dont close any doors in my home except for AC reasons, and am almost never fully clothed when in my home since I literally have no motivation to get dressed :)


@freemo That's amazing! I've never been in that situation for long enough to get very efficient but I think I'd at least wear some clothing in the winter for the sake of not having to heat the house as much

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I love the cold. I will wear shorts in the snow :) So yea im not typical in that regard either.

But yea it is pretty nice. I have a long distance gf now so i travel often to see her for months on end. I must admit, getting used to wearing clothes is a bit of a transition :)

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