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I don't know who decided every gotdamned thing needs a little red badge to highlight irrelevancy (like "come see the new shit you can buy for your garage door!" In the app you open your door). What I do know is when I find out who you are, I am coming for one of your eyebrows while you sleep.

Wife: [goes to sbux while out and asks if I want anything]

Me: [doesn't want anything because it's meh IMO]

Sbux: Want this drink for free? It was a mis-order from the person ahead of you


Wife: I got you a treat; I know your priorities for free food trump your dislike of sbux

Me: this is true love

(this has happened so many times that she really does know it and doesn't even ask me)

I find it funny that so much of the "copulation out of wedlock is wrong" messaging talks about it being PREmarital and not EXTRAmarital

You are going to sit on the toilet while no one else is home. Do you close the door?

I think part of why I feel the need to fill the silence with music/podcasts/audiobooks is because when I don't have something to pay attention to with my ears (like in the shower, when I had this realisation) my brain starts running around ideas, potentially getting distracting from what I'm actually doing

When you're talking about cameras and you want to specify that you don't mean digital cameras, what do you say?

Instead of arguing what "next Friday" means, how about we just stop saying it.

Gotta love it when you look like you don't care about people because they forget to invite you to things

Working on my annoyingly-specific definitions for different types of relationships.

For someone to be an acquaintance of mine, do they have to consider me an acquaintance (or closer) as well?

Sometimes I just want to build a survey asking for opinions on a smattering of topics just so I can keep tabs on what friends think about those things.

People who shoot photos of random stuff and think your work is half decent… do you ever sell prints of your photos?

If so, do you have thoughts/tips/suggestions?

If not, why not?

Why does the town put sidewalks in residential areas? Presumably so residents are more comfortable going places without a car.

Why does the town shave off bits of sidewalk that have buckled, making the path smooth yet again? Presumably to make it easier to walk when unstable or using wheeled assist-devices.

Why does the town not clear sidewalks? Well, you see, residents can shovel their own snow and we threaten to fine them if they don't.

What about those people for whom we keep sidewalks smooth and safe? Well that's too bad.

Why doesn't the town clear all sidewalks? That would increase property taxes, and taxpayers wouldn't like that. Oh okay so it's my fault.

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Fully distributed blogging/microblogging/social media solves the "freedom of speech not freedom of reach" issue

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