@fosstodon I can't move my followers and account to my new account @ from my fosstodon control panel even after creating a alias earlier today. Is there something wrong with your system?

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@lorendias don’t believe so. We’ve had other people successfully move in and out of Fosstodon.

@fosstodon Thanks for the info, tried LibreWolf, Firefox Nightly and Epiphany. It looks like Fosstodon isn't detecting the alias as seen in screenshot? Not sure where the bug is I can't imagine it's client-side @QOTO

@lorendias I've just refreshed the profile, which effectively clears any cache on that remote account. If that doesn't help, I don't know what to suggest.

@fosstodon @QOTO

@kev @fosstodon @QOTO I retried the [ Move to a different account ] feature and got error message:
[ "'' is the same account you have already moved to" ]

Upon canceling the eixsting redirect & retrying I got a success message [ "Your account is now redirecting to and your followers are being moved over." ]

Thanks it looks like clearing the cache fixed it :)

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