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Congratulations, I am excited to see how the space is stimulated with new users, devs, bug reporters, etc...

Very excited to hear what else is cooking too.


This is the way! Where the machines sort files by date correctly automatically

Anybody who doesn't like it could opt for "Year--WeekOfYear--DayOfWeek" or simply "Year--DayOfYear" -- temporal numbers are sorted from LARGEST to __smallest__ --


Pipeline gives you a feed of all your favorite YouTube and PeerTube channels. Just add them in subscriptions, set filters if you want, and browse! The app supports saving videos to a watch later tab, or opening them in a separate program for download or streaming. Set these in it's preferences and you have an all-in-one video solution!

You can follow the app's creator here: @schmiddionmobile

You can get the app on Flathub here:

#gnome #app #flatpak

These remind me of the first Y2K glowing mushroom luminescent wallpapers, such style. I love the bgs and neofetch

BTW, I set up my desktop to have rotating #jellies. Feel free to snag em.

If you got some sweet jellies, feel free to send them my way!

#wallpaper #jellyfish

Are you working on a project that makes the internet better for everyone? We support projects like yours both financially & practically. The next deadline for our rolling open calls is October 1.
Applying is simple, just fill out the one-page form. You can request between €5 000 & €50 000 euros. Open source, open data, open hardware & open standards projects are welcome. All outcomes must be published under an #opensource license & papers as #openaccess.
#FOSS #funding

I'm thrilled to announce that we have released the new version of "**ratatui**" today! πŸ€πŸŽ‰

πŸ¦€ A #rustlang library that's all about cooking up terminal user interfaces (TUIs) - official successor of `tui-rs`

⭐ Changelog:

πŸš€ Blog post about this release:

#terminal #tui #commandline #linux

I use Dolphin with the extra sidebar to batch tag things, the thumbnail scaling can get decently large. I found Shotwell to become more unstable after 100k photos

That's great, I just hope there is a way to opt in and opt out based on language or emonis in a profiles description someday to help optimize the user's feed.

Several years in the making, GitLab is now very actively implementing #ActivityPub! πŸ™Œ

The end-goal is to support AP for merge requests (aka pull requests), meaning can send an MR to

First bite-sized todo on the implementation path there is β€˜subscribe to project releases’.

Smart move by GitLab; through ActivityPub they’re getting a distributed version of GitHub’s social layer.

@fediversenews #fediverse #GitHub #git

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